Awarded 1st PRIZE in Amulet competition for Southern Region in Surat Thani


Honestly, looking at that piece of paper doesn’t really give you any “oomph!!!” . Let me highlight 8 important points that tells alot in a genuine certificate from a big scale competition. Such information will separate the men from the boys. Nowadays every Tom, Dick and Harry can get a certificate, it is just money but because you don’t read Thai. You don’t know what it says. In recent years, there are people who will organize competitions among close circuit of friends eg in Surat Thani. But it is all agreed upon eg your Pidta, I give you 1st place and my Somdej is 1st place. Then they print certificate.

Translation of the information above:

  1. ChomRom PhrakKreung ChangWat SuratThani – Thai
    Amulets Association of Surat Thani District – English
  2. Ko Mob PrakatniyaBart Chabab Nee Hai Wai Peo SadengWa…-Thai
    This certificate is awarded in regcognition of…-English
  3. PhraPidta Neor Phong Prasom Wan Phet Taksin LP Muak-Thai
    PhraPidta made from mixture of holy sacred powder and Phet Taksin (auspiscious) herbs Ven. LP Muak – English
  4. Phra ChangWat Narathiwat- Thai
    Amulet from Narathiwat Province – English
  5. Kammasit Khong…-Thai
    Ownership Of…-English
  6. Dai Rab RangWan Tee 1-Thai
    Successfully won 1st Place/Prize- English
  7. Nai Ngan Mahakammakarnprakuatkarn Anurak Phra Khreung Phra Bucha RianKanajaan 14 ChangWat Phak Dtai Lek Nitthasanakkarn lukbard Tawaravadi SriviChai-Thai
    In the celebration of antique amulets, buchas and rian of kruba archan competition of the 14 Southern Thailand Provinces and the exhibition of beads treasure from the ancient Dvaravati Srivijaya Kingdom-English
  8. Nai Wan Arthit Ti 12 Mithunayon PuthakSakkarach 2559 Nor Surat Thani Hall Chan 4 Soon Karn Kha SenTran Plaza Surat Thani-Thai
    On the Sunday 12th June 2016 At Surat Thani Hall 4th Floor of Plaza Central Surat Thani-English