KhunPaen Plok Kuman Special Phim

These 20 pieces, 19 pieces with 3 gold takruts and only a single piece with 9 gold takruts had altogether 7 times chanting. Ven. LP Dam Wat SantitTham chanted this batch 3 days and 3 nights (6/3-8/3) over Piti WaiKru ceremony and Ven. LP SanieChan chanted this batch on a very auspicious date on 11th March 2009 called Wan ThongChan. Ven. LP Dam commented that during the last day of chanting he witnessed many Theps or Theva especially Thep Sanie joined in this KhunPaen Phisek ceremony. Click here for more info.

KhunPaen Plok Kuman 9 Gold Takrut and A Whole Flower ‘Dok Mai Thong’


KhunPaen Plok Guman 3 Gold Takrut with ‘Dok Mai Thong’ Petal


Please note that this KhunPaen is lacquered to avoid chipping or breakage.

Katha KhunPaen Plok Kuman

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammasambudhassa ( x3 )

Buddho Roam Chit,

Dhammo Roam Chai,

Sangho Loong Lai,

Roam Chai Duay Buddho,

Su Nak Mo Lo,

Nak Mak Pak Tak. ( 9 times )

Unfortunately we don’t have the photos during Ven. LP Dam Piti WaiKru ceremony but below are photos of Ven. LP SanieChan during the KhunPaen phisek.

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