The Past Merit You Performed is Churning New Baramis in Present and Future

Just a few days ago, Nong Bia ordained in Wat Don Phai Yai, Nong Bia is the son of Pi Kasem. The Ubosot all of you helped built is now churning positiveness in your Wheel of Karma. Just like what Ven. LPu Sukh Wat Pa’ Phromnimit told me, the merit done by supporting to built an Ubosot, can generate baramis for many lifetimes to come. Thank you, to all of your readers and members of SaengThai that keep following our dana projects, may all our projects supporters from as early as Pothan Dam Wat Mai Naparam, Tak Bai n the 90s till current, be blessed with wealth, health, harmony and progressiveness in their lives. Sadhu!