Phra Sivali CharoenLap ( Progressive Luck )


This is the Phra Sivali amulet we will be giving out on Wesak Day 9th May 2009 at Wat Jayanti, Jalan Peel, Kuala Lumpur. It measures about 2.5cm x 4.5cm. It is made from many precious pong/holy powder collected for many decades. It consist of holy powder and hair of many establish Wat and Ven. LPs, eg. Ven. LP Pae Wat PhikunThong, Ven. LP Toh Wat PradooChimDee, Ven. LP Dam Wat Mai Naparam, Ven. LP Kasem and many others. It also have powder from Mai Thep Tharo and Mai Ken Kannon ( Jackfruit tree ) these woods are known for its efficacious effects on allevating ones’ luck. And it will have Pratap Sivali ( Sivali relics, a natural stone from cave ) added to it (see below).


We are happy to announce that we found Khao Sarn Hin/Rice turned stone (photo above) . It is remanants of rice that survived from prehistoric times. Most Teachers use them as auspicious stones. Ven. LP Boon Kerk Wat KhaoDin embeds them into his amulets. We will add them into Phra Sivali as an auspiciuos item that symbolizes good livelihood.

The front image displays Ven. Sivali with :

Walking stick/ Mai Tao symbolize support, assistance in times of need. It also means it isn’t easy to fall or topple.

Umbrella symbolize protection or shelter during unfavorable times. It also means that one is prepare to face any adversity in life.

Alms bowl symbolize ability to seek good living because when Ven. Sivali opens His alms bowl, He will sure get offerings.

Bag symbolize ability to accumulate good things or ability to keep one belongings.

At the base of Ven. Sivali are rice harvest, fish, crab and prawn which symbolizes prosperity where one is filled with abundance of goods.

At the back is Yant Nak Maha Setthi or commonly known as Yant Millionaire, U A Ka Sa, Cha Bha Ka Sa, Na Cha Li Ti and Nak Mak Pak Tak.

Yant Nak Maha Setthi as we have share is called Yant Millionare. U A Ka Sa, these 4 combinations chanted in a sequence is called Hua Jai Setthi, Heart of Millionaire, Cha Bha Ka Sa, Na Cha Li Ti is commonly associated with monetary/money luck and Nak Mak Pak Tak represents completeness.

Do not undermine the efficaciousness of this amulet because it fulfills the 4 conditions of Khun Dee, Khong Dee, Phisek Dee and Jaedthana Dee.

It is puthak phisek by Ven. LP Thong Dam Wat ThamTaPianThong.

Please note that SaengThai will give away 1,000 pieces only.

First come first serve. Only one person can get 1 piece. It will only be available at a certain hours only. We advise only those whom will wear them or have faith in this amulet to collect them personaly because we don’t want any individuals to misplace or disrespect them as we are giving it out with pure intentions for the welfare of Buddhist may it be for protection or better living.

Katha Phra Sivali

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammasambuddhassa (x3)

Imina Sakharena Sivali Chakmahathero Devatanara Pujito Soraho Paccayathimhi Ahang Wanthami Thang Sattha,

Imina Sakharena Sivali Chakmahathero Jaghadeva Pujito Soraho Paccayathimhi Ahang Wanthami Thang Sattha,

Sivali Thera Gunang Athang Sotthi Bhawantumae.

How to revere Phra Sivali

Every Thursday, other than the usual offering of flowers, a glass of water and incense sticks. We seldom put the flower wreath around any buchas. Just put them into a clean tray or offer stalks of flowers in a vase. Put 9 pieces of white jasmine flower into the glass of water. It is important to offer honey, preferably pure/raw honey.

Let us share with you an important chant or katha that Lord Buddha offer to Ven. Ananda, that we usually chant daily. Especially when you wear Phra Sivali.

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammasambuddhassa (x3)

Jalo Maha Jalo, Jalang Maha Jalang, Jalite Maha Jalite, Jalithang Maha Jalithang, Sutte Sutte Sampatte, Sutthang Sutthang Sampatthang, Sutthang Gamiti, Sutthang Gamiti, MaggaYitti, Thitthila, Thanthala, Manthala, Rogila, Karala, Thuppala, Ritti Ritti, Kitti Kitti, Mitti Mitti, Chitti Chitti, Mutthi Mutthi, Chutti Chutti, Tharani, Tharaniti, Ethang Tharana Parrithang.

Chant as often as possible. Make it a practise to wish after finished chanting.