Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang Phim Chao Ban (Updated)

I managed to take proper shots for the phim.

Recent years in Thailand, there has been many people from all sorts of background has been sharing their collections of Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang of Ven. Somdej Toh Phrommarangsi. Some are average traders trying to impress others with their findings while some are professional in their own field and earned a status in the society. We hear from all sides and look through their evidences and their claims. Let me bring to your attention of this Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang Phim Chao Ban, this “phim” means villagers phim. These are basically antique amulets which were found in other temples other than those related to Ven. Somdej Toh. People often ask if we will accept this phim as under Ven. Somdej Toh’s. After much investigation and close analysis of the block, body substance and composition, we accept there is a great possibilty. It is very similar to Phra Somdej Wat KhunIn findings. Of course, you got to check as well …don’t just believe any Tom, Dick & Harry telling you this is Phim Chao Ban and you collect immediately.


Firstly let me apologize for the lack of quality photo above. It’s from the owner himself, he is a retired District Chief Police Inspector of age 60 plus. I got to know him after he came to repay his gratitude to Ven. LP Seua at Wat DonPhaiYai last year. Reverend successfully treated his daughter of black magic. He came to repay Ven. LP Seua when all was back to normal. He came to tamboon to Reverend and also presented Reverend a piece of the Phra Somdej (the above batch), he got to know Ven. LP Seua is fond of collecting antique Phra Somdej of Wat Rakhang. We had a good chat on the brief history of this batch. He shared his opinion on the validity of this batch. Below are some findings, belief to be historical timeline that has shown even prior to Ven. Somdej Toh made his debut in Wat Rakhang under 5th King of Thailand.

The above are some findings on the existence of this batch. The reason why I am writing about this antique Phra Somdej because the ex-District Chief Police Inspector said he is willing to donate 3 pieces to Ven. LP Seua for temple building funds last year. It’s going to be Kathina very soon, the Sanghas community will enter pansa this 27th July 2018.

If there is a temple building fund sponsor of THB100,000 ( earlier I mentioned RM8,000 but the owner said too low for this phim, he said there are many claims-to-be around but he knews where his amulets came from. So he advised at least THB100,000.), the sponsor offer the funds to Ven. LP and collect from Ven. LP Seua’s hand. If need to be I can prepare a certificate of temple building fund’s contribution and Ven. LP present this antique Phra Somdej as auspicious souvenirs for our donors . However this is solely my idea and it shall come from me, not Ven. LP Seua. I also have to make this very clear that, Ven. LP Seua doesn’t know about antique amulets nor does Tahn knows how to verify them. It is solely my own judgement that this is an authentic good old Phra Somdejs of Somdej Toh from the early periods before Tahn Somdej became famous in Wat Rakhang. 

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