Khun Phaen Rean Kaeo, Ruam Phong Praya Yan 108 ( King of Yantra 108 )

Khun Phaen Rean Kaeo 

With the permission granted from the Vinyan of the respectable Phrak Khun Phaen ; Phlai Kaeo, this auspicious amulet was created after the period of more than ten years in the making. It carries the auspicious name Khun Phaen Rean Kaeo. [House of Diamond ]

The auspicious amulet follows the Ayuthaya style of Wat Yai Chaimongkol, There is only one pim ; Phra Buddha Maravijaya position. The amulet characteristic in different shade of colour ; brownish, grayish, greenish and, reddish. On the back portion of the amulets is the press yantra of Ork Tac [SunNer Metta].The method and sacred ingredients used for the occasion follow that of strict traditional Brahmana Vedic rituals guided and preceded by the Ancient Holy Guardian Spirit of Kru Ba Archant, Kru Mo.

The following are the list of some of the consecrated ingredients used in the occasion;

1. 108 Auspicious sacred powder of Yantra Yord MongKut PhrakBuddhaChow.(Crown of Buddha)
2. 108 Auspicious blessed powder of  Yantra Phra Chow Har Phra Ung [ the five Buddha ]
3. 108 Auspicious sanctified powder of Yantra Phra Ya [ King of Yan ]
4. 108 Auspicious protective powder of  Yantra Phra Chet (Klew Krak )
5. 108 Auspicious shielding powder of Yantra Charng Ngang

6. 108 Auspicious loving powder of Yantra  Maha Sun Ner Metta Maha Ni Yom
7. 108 Auspicious loving attraction powder of Yantra  A Nuk Lom Riak Nak
8. 108 Auspicious loving mesmerize powder of Yantra  Loong Maha Ruan Ret [thinking off]

9. Cremation Soil obtain from Venerable Lung Phor Chai, Wat Kok Sart Thorn ; Tak Bai.
10. “Krai “ obtain from the Bodhi tree at Lung Phor Chai temple, Wat Kok Sart Thorn ; Tak Bai
11. Auspicious protective “Pen Na Thang”  obtain from Phor K Phet. [ jungle in Sungai Padi ]

12. Flower used in prayer obtain from Holy Reverence Phor Tharn Chan temple; Wat Padi Nai Sg.Padi
13. Flower used in prayer obtain from Phor Tharn Nai Keat temple; Wat Bo Run Sak Tit.�
14. “Wai Lok Ne Meet” rattan obtain from Wat Phra Put [Phrak Buddha Rupa; Phrak Ron temple] ceremony of bearing the Royal Seal; Tak Bai. [The temple having the Royal patronage of His Highness The King of Thailand in His Majesty Royal tour of Narathiwat ]
15. 108 of herbs (Wan) [ residue from making Revered Lung Phor Thuat amulet by Archan Tim, Wat Chang Hai ]

16. Half kilogram Raw Gold in fine grind (river)
17. Half Kilogram Raw Gold Nugget (earth)
18. Raw Tin ore in fine grind form
19. Raw Tin ore in nugget form
20. More than 20 carat of Cut Diamond finely grained.
21. Black soil obtain from the bottom of a mountain; symbolized purity (Dham Thai Pu Kau )
22. Auspicious blessed water for the occasion chant for more than 30 years

Instruction for usage;
To clear and focus the mind, Samadhi, pay respect to Triple Gem (Buddha Dhamma and Sangha), parent, teacher and the Vinyan (Spirit) of Khun Phaen. Chant the gatha and wish.

Caution of usage;
Do not commit adultery or misconduct acts with people’s wife.
Abstain from the Acts of Disrespect to your parent and teachers teaching.
To perform Dana in remembrance as thanks giving for wishes granted.

Katha ; Namo Sangkho Buddhayak