Updates of Takrut Bucha Duang, Ven. Sukh Kovito

Ven. LPu Sukh is very happy with the positive response from all our donors, we have just paid for roof tiles and will be buying the viharn doors and windows next. Actually while I was writing the post earlier last week, Ven. LPu’s bank account was already running low. That is why Ven. LPu is very pleased with all your supports. Well, I replied it is also because of Ven. LPu’s barami and the thevadas are rejoicing with this occasion too.

Ven. LPu has decided to offer Paen Samkasat (Tri-color metal foil; Copper, Silver and Gold plated). It symbolizes the Triple Gem and the Power of Trinity. It also symbolize completeness or perfection. The two additional silver and gold plated foil will be endowed with different yantras as below;-

This is the 1st yantra copper foil.

Takrut Bucha Duang Ven. LP Sukh Kovito Wat Pa’Phromnimit

This is one of Ven. LPu Sukh signature Yantra, it is a combination of Nak Setthi, Nak Song Paen Din and Nak Chimpali.

Nak Setthi is the Heart Yantra for Wealthiness

Nak Song Paen Din is the Heart Yantra for Sovereign/Ruler of Lands

Nak Chimpali is the Heart Yantra for Perfections of Merits/Boon Barami.

This is Yant Krob Duang, and additional yantra to supplement our duang/destiny to increase our value of our livelihood, income earning ability and capacity and lastly increasing our own self worth; spiritually, psychologically and materialistically.

The actual set of 3 color foil Yantras;

Then all 3 foils of yantras will be rolled up and secured with cotton/nylon strings to protect the takrut.

As you all know it is already pansa (3 months Lent/Rain Retreat) period now, Ven. LPu Sukh is currently consecrating the takruts once it is completed, blessings and transferring metta to all the duang of sponsors. Ven. LPu Sukh did share with me that once the takruts are filled with abundance of energies during the entire pansa, it won’t be able to penetrate anymore into it then we should pass back to the individual owners for them to bucha or carry it around everyday. However Tahn will make sure it is overflowing with goodness before Tahn hand them back to us.

I congratulate all those sponsors whom will receive such a valuable gift from Ven. LPu for your kind donation or sponsor. It is not only rare but also the 1st time Ven. LPu agreed to offer takrut duangs to people. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu.