Phra Phim ChanNakMan (Victory over Mara)

This amulet is 3.5cm by 5.5cm. Putha phisek by Ven. LP Thong Dam Wat ThamTapianThong and Ven. LP SanieChan Wat Huay Chod. It is made from the same materials to make Phra Sivali CharoenLap. We are happy to announce that we found Khao Sarn Hin/Rice turned stone (photo above) . It is remanants of rice that survived from prehistoric times. Most Teachers use them as auspicious stones. Ven. LP Boon Kerk Wat KhaoDin embeds them into his amulets. We will add them into this amulet as an auspiciuos item that symbolizes good livelihood. It will also serve as a symbolic for Chao Mae Po Suk rice harvest.

 Pic: Khao Sarn Hin

The front image depicts, Siddharta Gautama the Buddha-To-Be, meditating vigorously beneath the Bodhi Tree during the last hours of Enlightenment. However Mara, afraid that the determined Siddharta Gautama may achieve his Ultimate Goal, employed various tactics to stop him. Chao Mae Toranee, Goddess of Earth, protected Siddharta by eliminating Mara and his armies of darkness by creating a whirlpool to drown them with her long hair. This symbolize that the bearer of this amulet will be blessed with victories, ChanNak, over obstacales faced by the bearer, Man.

The back is an image of Chao Mae PoSuk, Goddess of Harvest. It represents that the bearer will be blessed with great accomplishment after much wholesome efforts with Me Ka Mak(Mu) Uk, the yant at the corners of the amulet. It represents:

Metta meaning universal love

Karuna meaning compassionate

Mudita meaning “sympathetic joy” or “happiness at another’s success in life.”

Upekha meaning equanimity or even tempered, undisturbed

We believe with PhromWiHanSi of Me Ka Mu U, everything we embark on in life will be successful.

Both Phra Phim ChanNakMan and Phra Sivali CharoenLap will have special phim of 19 pieces only. We advise interested collectors to order quick to avoid disappointment again.

Please note: We received many enquiries regarding this two special amulets. SaengThai thank you all for your support. Both the Phra Phim ChanNakMan and Phra Sivali CharoenLap will only be made available end of May because on the 11th May 2009 will be Ploughing Festival. A special putha phisek on this auspicious day will be conducted for them. Therfore this amulets will go through 3 big putha phisek, when complete in Temple, during Songkran in April and during Ploughing Festival.

Enquiries please call Derrick at 012 692 1233 or email to us at and cc .