Viharn Building Progess in Wat Pa’ Phromnimit


Ven. LPu inspect the progress daily whenever Tahn is in the temple. Beside Tahn is Pi Gheng (Brother Gheng), a personal caretaker for Ven. LPu we invite all the way from Pichit. Ven. LPu saw him grew up in the village where Tahn’s temple Wat Pa’ Phromviharn. Now Pi Gheng is also Tahn’s disciple, where Tahn taught him all of Tahn’s knowledge. Pi Gheng will be ordaining, going forth after this Kathina 2018. Pi Gheng too will be starting as a “Phra Tudong” or forest monk, following Ven. LPu’s footsteps. This past few years taking care of Ven. LPu, he has been training hard in meditation and wicha. Ven. LPu have tested him, asking him to meditate and sleep in one of the most teriffying corners around the temple. Wat Pa’ Phromnimit is quite heavy with athan/spirits, afterall it used to be a forestry area. Pi Gheng has so far comes out unscathed and in 1 piece..especially mentally.

Ven. LPu Sukh and us in SaengThai would like to express our appreciation to all those whom supported us, especially to my regular supporter Robby Chandra & Family and also to our new supporters from Australia counterparts. I am very sure all of the participants will benefit in a way or another via the perfections of Triple Gem and Ven. LPu Sukh.

Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito will be celebrating Tahn’s birthday this coming 3rd October 2018. However this year Tahn said no more liberating cows or buffalos. Tahn wants to donate all proceeds received from the celebration on that day to help a hospital in Sisaket to built a operation theater and all the equipments needed.

Maha Sadhu to Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito, May Tahn always be healthy and free from physical pain and mental sufferings.

Some photos or miracles that belonged to Ven. LPu Sukh’s faithful followers;

The above happened to Mr. Pan from a village called Nong Dtao. Not only did he averted a major accident, his car flipped upside down but nothing happen to him. Not even a scratch of bruise!

Major car accident however he suffered bruises as u have seen in the photo only, left forehead and cheek areas. That is just a photo of Ven. LPu when Tahn was young, that he was wearing.

This one the driver also escaped injury, he was wearing the rooplor we made for Ven. LPu many yeras ago when Tahn was still in Pichit.

If I have not mistaken, its the same car, driver still alive and looking beautiful. She escaped unhurt. But car total loss.

This car, if I have not mistaken was plunged into lake, upside down. Driver escaped unhurt.

Driver also escaped unhurt!

This young boy worked in the hospital, he wai Ven. LPu when he saw Tahn admitted one day. Tahn happen to have a Phra Yod Nam (droplet shape amulet) we made for Ven. LPu and gave it to him (he didn’t ask for it). 2 weeks later, he banged his motorcycle into a tree! Broke his arm.

This one long story…so long that I also forgot how it happen..driver escaped unhurt. She is very prone to car accident. Quite an unlucky fella but ever since she was with Ven. LPu, somehow she escaped major disaster. I remembered there was once she went for a tattoo, the tattooist Archan cldn’t penetrate the needles into her body. The Archan asked her if she is wearing any takrut , she said NO..then he asked what are you wearing then..she just showed him Ven. LPu Sukh’s rian that we made for Tahn. The Archan said ,”Could you tell your teacher first that you are receiving a tattoo from me and if Tahn doesn’t approve then please don’t let the needles puncture your skin?” Surrpisingly after she asked for Ven. LPu’s permission, the Archan was able to tattoo onto her skin. After the tattoo work finished, the Archan asked her, who is the teacher and where is he from. He then said it is difficult to get such a well attained teacher these days and their collections.