Takrut Duang Ven. LP Selood Wat Kuk U Thong

Takrut Duang, Ven. LP Selood Wat Kuk U Thong, Prachan Sarakram, Prachinburi.


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This takrut is a special request made by SaengThai for our members. Three years ago, we requested Ven. LP to give us something special to help our members to make better living. Ven. LP told us of this Takrut Duang and when immersed into our oil lamp, it is as if the energy of the chants and yants are constantly emanating from the light. Ven. LP made these special takruts with serial numbers and codes.

The Yant inscribe on this takrut was made popular by Luang Po Suk, Wat Makamtao. It is Yant Nak Mo Budh Dha Yak. Though Nak Mo Budh Dha Yak is commonly known as 5 Phrak Ong or The Five Great Buddhas, many great teachers or Luang Po have taught laymen to chant these 5 powerful syllables, Nak Mo Budh Dha Yak, that brings protection and blessings in many ways. Duang refers to Luck of individual person or a certain day (see below).


You may find Pu Duang Dee, astrological diagram of good luck of a certain day among Jathukram amulets or Phra Rahu. Whereas the ever famous Ven. LP Khoon Wat BanRai usually has his Pu Duang at the back of his amulets. Usually some Archans will write our individual date of birth on such Pu Duang on takruts or amulets.

A close-up of this Takrut Duang. More handwriting yants. Can you see the faint yant lines?

Takrut Duang is specially made to be placed inside oil lamp. The energy of Takrut Duang will shine from the light. Therefore it is ideal if the light/flame is continuous day and night.


Katha Takrut Duang, Katha Bucha Duang Chada

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammasambuddhassa (x3) 

Namo Me Sabba Devanam Sabba Garaha Ca Devanam

Suriyam Ca Pamun Catha Sasi Bhummo Ca Devanam

Vudho Labham Bhavissati Jivo Sukaro Ca Maha Labham

Soro Rahu Ketu Ca Maha Labham

Sabba Bhayam Vinassanti

Sabba Dukkham Vinassanti

Sabba Rogam Vinassanti

Lakkhana aham Vandami Sabbada Sabbe Devanam Palayantu

Sabbada Etena Mangala Tejena Sabba Sotthi Bhavantumae.

Regular chanting of this katha invites protection and blessings from Devas, Sun and Moon. May we be free from undesired Karmic effects, may we be free from undesire effects of Rahu, may we be free from suffering, may we be free from dangers, may we be free from illness. May we overcome all bad luck and attain success.