NEWs from Wat DonPhaiYai


This posting today is to inform Malaysian followers of Ven. LP Thong LP Seua Thep Aksorn, Wat DonPhaiYai of recent FB postings by Ven. LP Seua’s Thailand luksit. There has been many postings but I shall only translate the note which Ven. LP Seua has signed on and will also relate what Ven. LP Seua has spoken to me via the phone (a recorded voice tele-conversation between me and Ven. LP Seua as proof).

The note above said…

“Please be informed to all luksit whom has strong faith in Ven. LP Thong, kindly cease all doings (unwholesome) immediately. Continue to uphold purity in all conduct whether intention or action wise and you shall be bless with success. Shall you need any further clarifications, please meet Ven. LP Thong in Wat DonYaiPeuan (Wat DonPhaiYai).”

In addition to the above, “Ven. LP Seua told me that some people has been using the name and images of Ven. LP Thong to make money either via means of accumulating donations or speculating his rians (medallion amulets). Ven. LP Seua said though himself was aware of the matters and had advised the necessary people involved, Tahn LP Seua did not forbid their activities as they have chosen to make money from such. However it was the celestial spirit of Ven. LP Thong that has became very unsettled at the 10th Celestial Realm. Tahn LP Thong came down from above and voiced out his grave concerns and unhappiness that his name and images was being promoted for the wrong reasons via the body of Tahn LP Seua. Than LP Thong also seek Than LP Seua out while Tahn LP Seua was in his meditation lately.

The unwholesome conducts of the irresponsible luksits of Ven. LP Thong has caused Tahn LP Thong demoted downwards from the 10th Celestial Realm. Tahn LP Thong has mentioned that Ven, LP Seua has done much to help uplift Ven. LP Thong’s celestial status over the years to the 10th level but now his celestial achievements was at stake. Tahn LP Thong said he himself has metta with all laities whom seek Tahn’s assistance and blessings. But now Tahn is very disappointed by being used for monetary and status gains.

Tahn LP Thong LP Seua Thep Aksorn Wat DonPhaiYai appealed to those irresponsible people to stop their activities immediately. ”

As for the pleas to pray in the open with 16 joss-sticks daily by fellow luksits of Ven. LP Thong LP Seua Thep Aksorn Wat DonPhaiYai, Singhburi (as seen on Facebook), I didn’t hear it from Ven. LP Seua himself but Tahn LP Seua did mentioned that Tahn will do what he can to help appease the unhappiness of Than Ven. LP Thong and also to restore or help promote Tahn LP Thong to higher celestial realms. So in my opinion, we should adopt the practise whenever possible to ask for forgiveness from Tahn LP Thong and appeal to the Great One to promote Tahn LP Thong to higher levels possible. The verse we use can be followed as this, ” Today I lit 16 joss-sticks to appeal to the Thevadas on both Heaven and Earth, the 16 levels of Celestial Realms and all the Bhramaloka Realms, may the celestial spirit of our Ven. LP Thong Thassaniyo be raised to the highest of Realms. And may Ven. LP Thong’s baramis (perfections) help overcome the current challenge.”

Ven. LP Seua wants us in Malaysia to take note of the seriousness of this issue. Please do not spoil the names of our teachers Ven. LP Thong LP Seua ThepAkson, Wat DonPhaiYai by doing things which may seem to be noble but for personal gains whether monetary or ego wise. Because this time a saksit (sacred) celestial being is offended and things can end up badly. Please DO NOT  in the name of donations or helping Ven. LP Seua to built temple MAKE people or followers whom may not understand such noble objectives to scorn at our teachers because we always ask for financial support. THIS SERIOUS OFFENCE CAN PUT PEOPLE IN DANGER AND ALSO DEFAME OUR TEACHERS’ REPUTATION. Whatever we plan to do, please speak directly to Ven. LP Seua and obtain Tahn’s understanding, opinion and approval before implementing.

Lastly, even Ven. LP Seua himself is doing away with unnecessary fund raising activities in temple because Ven. LP Seua said to me himself, people can get financially and energy exhausted.