Certificate of Authenticity Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang Phim Chao Ban

Please kindly take note that some of the locals at Wat DonPhaiYai whom has this similar phim may take advantage of our Malaysian visitors whom donates regularly to Ven. LP Seua. I am afraid that they may persuade you on the pretext of raising funds to help Ven. LP Seua but the funds never reached Tahn LP or only a token was donated. The best will be to make enquiries directly to Ven. LP yourself shall you be keen to collect, in that way no miscommunication. Of course I am also sure there are some whom will really donate them out for the sake of helping to raise funds for Ven. LP Seua. But it is important to make sure your wholesome intention is secured.

Of course for those whom doesn’t mind if their money goes to Ven. LP Seua or not, needn’t take heed of the above message.

I have been approached by them before but I declined on the basis that Malaysian economy isn’t good and the above phim are also not accepted widely (I have mentioned in my earlier post that the Certificate of Authenticity isn’t a guarantee). As I have mentioned this phim on my website past recent months, I have the duty to inform my readers that some quarters may make use of the name LP Seua or even us SaengThai to sell their phim Chao Ban to you. As long as it is not via myself or Tahn LP Seua, we shall not be held responsible directly or indirectly.

Thank You & Best Regards