A gentleman responded from saengthai.org regarding Takrut Duang and came over to our centre. He looked around and checked out some of our collections. After a few exchanges and collected the Takrut, he left. The next morning he called he said Derrick, I want to collect this and that amulet. Budget not a problem, as long as it is reasonable but he said…

I must see the power after such and such of time!

That is a big problem with alot of new or gullible collectors. They don’t want Dharma, they want only Power! A gullible person will end up meeting gullible businessman who will promise them the sky and the moon but will be shocked only seeing stars!

I told this gentleman, sorry we don’t have such an amulet. He replied can’t be. There’s many here. But I said none of them can give you see anything except for its image! This persistent gentleman then said if I cannot see anything why must I take from you. I might as well go Ayuthaya to get it myself! I said,” You should because if we can insist and take personally from Ven. LP himself. We encourage you to do the same”. He was dumbfounded and left. The next morning, he came again to collect some amulets but I insist he won’t see anything with these. He smiled and replied I understood already.

I told in SaengThai we don’t encourage such objectives. We are not denying miracles manifested from good amulets but as Buddha had said many times, the right practise is the objective not supernorma abilities.

People have always mistaken us as an amulet retailer that we will always sell you something. We are an amulet collection centre, we don’t need to survive by meeting ends meet. Our principle of collecting good and authentic collectibles from credibles sources have earned us good reputation and great support. We like good collections like yourselves and we are a centre that promotes good and acceptable range of collections and we would like to educate new-commers amulets’ Dharma too.

This is a good article that shows true power lies in our heart. My Teacher, Archan Vicharn once asked ” Where did you wear the amulet? In your heart or on your body only?”

I am not sure how many powerful amulets she worn or if she’s a Buddhist at all but I am sure she had the success of Phra Somdej, the courage of Phra KhunPaen and the  great Dharma of Phra Phrom called PhromWiharnSi ( Metta, Karuna, Mudita and Upekha ) all in her heart!