Viharn Ven. LP Sukh, Wat Pa’ Phromnimit

I would like to begin 2019 with a posting on Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito, Wat Pa’ Phromnimit. We requested Ven. LPu to give blessings to all of us this New Year .

Ven. LPU gave blessing to all, saying, “Wishing you all a Happy New Year 2019. May you start the new year with a sparkling and joyful blessings and be blessed with opportunities to start over. Though we all may have bad episodes or matters from the previous year but lets us all practise in 2019 to have a pure, bright heart and mind likened to a clear crystal ball that radiates when light shines through. And you shall have happiness the entire year everytime. May all your wishes comes true!

As you all knew we have already built the viharn structure and also have completed the roofings. This year in 2019, we will be doing up the internal eg, electrical wiring, lightings, wall works, flooring works and etc. As you can see above, we will be decorating the viharn walls with wall art depicting Buddha’s teachings or His Buddhahood historical happenings. The main wall behind the main Buddha Image of the viharn, will be an entire wall art of a single theme, it will be available for sponsors at THB150,000. However the will not be any space to all the name of sponsor(s) but if it is a must, maybe we can write it elsewhere. We estimate the will be about 50 pieces of wall art available for sponsor(s) at THB12,000 (now estimated between RM1,500 to RM1,800) per frame (about 3 feet x 3 feet).

As we all know a picture paints a thousand words, in ancient times wall art was popular because very few people could read and for those whom can read, art will give a depth of experiences where words cannot describe. Therefore the artwall is about propagating Buddhism.

Some asked me what is the benefits of donating to decorate the interior of viharn. If one believes that we should be good not only on the outside but also on the inside, “in Thai we call it “dee nok dee nai”. Therefore if we believe in practising giving and when we give… we give good things…things even we will want it for ourselves…THIS IS METTA. And we hope by the power of such selfless giving one builds an eternal wisdom in their mind. As the saying goes,” Life is 90% how you respond to the what happened to us and 10% of what happened to us”. We hope with regular practise of such selfless giving, one is able to overcome life’s daily struggle with a positive mental attitude and the result of it attracts positive solutions and people to assist us. Some will say, “Oh! it’s karma because you did good. you received good results.” That is a very shallow way to look at what Lord Buddha had taught us. KARMA means action, because of your sincere and regular practise of generosity one begins to condition their own mind to look within…we see less of ourselves…we begin to shed our ego…we begin to forgive ourselves then others…and when all these cultivation begins internally we are less attached to conditions (things that happens to us). When our mind is begin to settle down, with a bright clear mind coupled with good mindfulness and awareness…things changed for the better. But this is not out of sheer luck or myths about good begetting good.

So remember, as daily we groom ourselves in front of the mirror, giving the world the best look we can on the outside. Let’s not forget also the beauty that lies within.

List of participants

  1. Madam Peck ——————————————- THB12,000
  2. Analayo—————————————————–THB12,000
  3. Darren Hor Khee Wah———————————-THB12,000
  4. Koh Chee Meng & family——————————THB20,000

Venerable LPu has been hospitalized often these days ( twice this week already), We look forward to all sincere Buddhist to help us finish up this viharn while Ven. LPu is still able to witness it for himself.

Those whom are interested can contact me via my Malaysian handphone 012 – 733 5303, I have LINE, Whatsapp and WeChat too OR you may email to me at