Chao Rak Chao Yom

Ven. LP Jong Wat NaThangNok

This Chao Rak Chao Yom was made by a lay white Archan whom received the formula from Ven. LP Jong, Wat NaThangNok luksit. This Archan (Archan wish to maintain anonymity), made this batch almost 20 years ago. Ven. LP Jong was famous for Tahn’s Chao Rak Chao Yom, one of the very first Gaejik in ancient times.

I was fascinated with Chao Rak Chao Yom (Mr. Love Mr. Popularity) , was because of my Golok Archan, Tahn Archan Manit made one of the best, I have enhanced numerous married couples’ happiness with it. It is also very good for safe guarding properties or for luck or sales. Those whom are close with me do knew that I still keep them for my own. But then Archan Manit used Mai Rak and Mai Yom that died on its own. This one that I am featuring was made by Mai Rak and Mai Yom that was striken down by lightning. It was brought in from Cambodia to my Teacher. In Thai we believe, auspicious wood that was stricken down by lightning is endowed with a strong spirit.

Ven. LP Mui Wat DonRai

Ven. LP Seua too had given me a bottle of ChaoRak Chao Yom, it was made by Ven. LP Mui Wat DonRai. I still remember then, Reverend asked if I dared to keep it because Tahn said a couple whom inherited it from their aged parent said it was”Hian” (strong ghost), they couldn’t keep it so they brought it to Tahn to keep. I said I wanted and Tahn presented it to me. I actually asked Tahn to make them to help raise money for temple building but even Tahn LP said it is difficult to get such wood now, either died on its own or better still stricken down by lightning.

ChaoRak Chao Yom spirit are what we call “lukathevada”, a lower form of angelic in the celestial realm close to human realm. They often reside in trees. The ones I mentioned above are both angelic boys around the age of 7 to 10 years old. My Archan said, one may either keep it at home to safe guard the house or better still bring long with you as not only can it protect you from misfortunes, it can also bring you good luck and metta.

For those of you whom like strong and cooperative thevadas and often like to seek their blessings, don’t miss this opportunity.