Thian Wisek (Yantric Candles) by Archan Prasert

Hand write Yant RachaChoke by Archan Prasert
Thian Wisek hand made using bee wax. One candle burns for approximately 3 hours.
Thian Wisek of different purpose and yantras
Thian Wisek commonly used by some Archans to help their followers to help improve their livelihood or help solve other matters
Some even use Thian Wisek to counter astrological malignant influences

I have offered myself to learn under Archan Prasert, he is going into Dhamma and samadhi practise eventually, he has rejected request to make them of recent years. Tahn Archan only make for his luksits now. This Yantric candles or commonly referred to as “Thian Serm Duang or Thian Bucha Duang” (candles to improve luck factors) is a dying art, very few and accomplished Archans can make them effectively. Now most such yantras in the candles are printed. I have spoken to Tahn Archan to help make special Thian Wisek for SaengThai group members , hand made by him. Ploksek or consrecate by Archan himself and then Ven. LP Seua, Wat DonPhaiYai. The objective is to help raise building funds for a new crematorium that will cost temple THB3,000,000. Tahn Archan welcomes the idea very well.

I will inform this project when ready.