“Pee Dee? Pee Mai Dee?”

It has been awhile , 5 months since last posting. Busy with work and life. I would like to thank those whom had send me messages from time to time. May all my readers be blessed with happiness and prosperity. Just in case those of you whom are still trying to call me at my old phone no, kindly please call me at 012 733 5303.

Today let’s explore on an interesting topic on amulets or some would refer them as barangs, spirited amulets. I was thinking to myself…what should I write about…then I realized I have many enquiries for Phra Kradok Wat Po. It has been a much debated issue and also much jacked or speculated by traders, claiming of miracles of this and that.

“Pee Dee? Pee Mai Dee?” or literally good spirits or bad spirits? Generally if you asked any good white wicha teachers, both monks or laymen, they will discourage you from collecting them. True! because easy it is to invite such spirited amulets but difficult it is to cure you in the event of negative side effects. Furthermore if there are so many good Buddhakhoon amulets; new or antique, why would one want to risk their life and their family members'( if you have a tough/hard destiny, its bad side effects may not affect you but your family members. If their destiny is weak, especially kids and women.) Such amulets or talisman has been going on for centuries, it isn’t anything that is new. If it doesn’t serve any purpose at all, it would have been obselete. Just like FengShui or astrology analysis to name a few occult sciences, only a fraction of the world’s population will agree with you. However for those whom are into such occult sciences as such will tell you, one cannot deny the existence and their potential.


Few famous Gaejik Archan from the past have produced such kind of spirited amulets eg Ven. LPu Tim Wat LahangLai. Or in the circle of dark side, they like to make reference to Ven. Somdej Toh whom pacified Nang Nak, a lady died of unnatural death together with her unborn child. Not only did Ven. Somdej Toh put her to rest, Tahn Somdej removed her forehead skull and kept it but later it was speculated to have ended in the hand of Prince Abhakara Kiartiwongse, the 28th children of H.M. King Rama V. His original name may not be familiar to many of us. But the mention any of his other names : Sadej Tia (“Royal Father”) or Doctor Phon or Prince of Jumborn, will command deep respect from Thai people from navy officers to rural villagers. He is also “The Father of Royal Thai Navy”

The Prince of Jumborn was a disciple of a few famous Gaejik Archan, one of them is Ven. LPu Suk Wat PakKlong MakKamTao.
He was also well recognized in the field of supernatural arts. His reputation on wicha was such that he has been regarded as one of the “108 deities in heavens”. The Prince of Chmphon’s mythical status is demonstrated by the existence of numerous published books with such titles as The Miracles of Prince Jumborn and Sadej Tia the Magician.

Well I am always a pain in the neck when it comes to such rumours or facts or stories for all you know such information were made up. As the saying goes,”Beware of half truths, you could have gotten the ROTTEN HALF!”

Assuming the so called rumours were to be true but why would they want to carry the Nang Nak forehead bone around? I won’t know neither will I speculate. Whatever good reasons they have, one thing is for sure…YOU ARE NOT THEM, they cultivate the disciplines to practise wicha. Most of you are an average layman whom wants to try and see if such spirited amulets can give lucky windfall, strike lottery, win in casino …etc. Well of course I can be wrong, there might be some whom really like such unique amulets because of its uniqueness. These days our society has become an INSTANT NOODLE society, they want to hang it over the neck and immediately the Genie will be your humble servant, bringing you instant riches and joy.

I collects them because its a dying art…such spirited amulets and do bear in mind, it is not the human corpse matters that is the essential but the attainment and principles of the makers, may it be monk or lay acharn. Amulets like Phra Pidta Wat Po or Phra KhunPaen Wat LaHangLai, the makers didn’t make them out of greed but a wholesome intention. Plus those days Gaejik are really awesome in their attainments, it is something which in current days …are a rare gem.

Not only does the qualities and attainments of maker is of utmost important but the main raw material eg, deceased hair, bones or oil , is it done in accordance with the blessings of the deceased and the family of the deceased. While some of it are donated to make merits others steals them from graveyards. This is the reason why some use such amulets then “terbalik” or cursed. Those which are stolen, if the maker is capable they will chain the spirits to the amulet. How good can such amulets be if the so called”sacred being” is nothing but a slave waiting for its time to be set free. This brings us back to the topic “PEE DEE VS PEE MAI DEE” . If Nang Nak is true, it is sacred because Ven. Somdej Toh’s barami was able to relieve her anger, to bring her back to the right path. She then give her blessings to Tahn Somdej, to retrieve her skull bone.

Beware to those whom likes collecting such amulets from unknown sources or hardcore black shamans (Mo Pee), if it is fake all you lose is just money. If the things is real, and you mishandled it, it could cost you your life or your loved ones. Ferocious spirits won’t cow down to maker, just because he has powerful kathas and wicha to subdue him/her but only to those highly attained and has a wholesome heart. So how can such amulets gives you good blessings when it was already wrong from the beginning. Owners of such amulets must be aware that such amulets have to handle with care;

a. know the do’s and don’t

b. regular practise of certain rituals

c. regular practise of katha

There is no such things as free lunch in this world, if you want to experience the best of your spirited amulets then you will have go the extra mile to prove you are loyal and you had faith with it. Some people will have rather fast results while some may take a longer period. Most important is to make sure your spirited amulet is genuine then make the necessary effort to take good care of it. When the right time comes, you will be glad all your effort hasn’t been wasted.