Phra Siwichai Roon Raek Ven. ChaoKhun Bao Wat Kalai

Ven. ChaoKhun Bao, Wat Kalai, Kedah

This amulet is called Phra Siwichai because the holy powder is obtained from caves of Maha Srivijaya Kingdom era. It was believed then that holy men practised in such caves at those time. Therefore such caves have great spiritual energies and guardians.

It was rumoured that this Phra Siwichai began much sought after a shooting incident in Bentong. It was rumoured that the victim survived miraculously. Not just once but the Phra Siwichai have delivered many unexplaineable protective influence over it’s bearer.

At the left hand bottom, there is a physical condition that looks like a crack or chip off. It is purportedly chiped off to see and ensure the materials inside is relevant. Other than that, this piece of Phra Siwichai is of good condition. Many people are confused, some says that 1st batch or roon raek has yant behind. While everbody is entitled to their own opinions, we maintain that the piece featured above is 1st batch or roon raek.

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