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We are happy to hear that our Thai associate, Khun Daecha, together with Ven. LP Dam Wat SanThitTham on a trip back to Cambodia was able to obtain holy powder from holy sites of Nakhorn Wat and Nakorn Thom. We are very excited too that with Ven. LP’s help we were able to get soil from Khao Kulen. From our past experience with Ven. LP Dam, this holy earth was indeed energised and lively. For your information, one of Ven. LP Dam’s Teacher is Reusi Khao Kulen. There’s a holy site in Khao Kulen where many reusis practises.

Phnom(Khao) Kulen is the holiest mountain in Cambodia. On this peak in 802, King Jayavarman II declared himself a Hindu god-king and kicked off the four-century Angkor period of Khmer history that produced the Angkor temples, constructed of Phnom Kulen’s sandstone. Buddhists co-opted Phnom Kulen as a holy site of their own after the Hindu heyday. A 10-minute car ride up the mountain brings tourists to Preah Ang Tho, a 16th century Buddhist monastery notable for the giant reclining Buddha carved into the top of a 20-m boulder.

These holy materials will be mixed together with other holy powders ( of more than 300 Ven. LP’s hair and holy powder in Thailand eg. Ven. LP Pae Wat Phikunthong, Ven. LP Phrom Wat Kannonner…etc).

It is our sincere effort to give away this Phra Sivali CharoenLap (standard phim) the best it could be, so any bearer of our Phra Sivali CharoenLap will benefit enormously.

Maha Sadhu to Ven. Sivali Maha Thera because we felt somehow this dana project was very smooth from conception point and are always been given the opportunity to collect holy materials to be added. We do not want to reveal every detail but somehow these good things seems too coincidental. We are thankful for whichever Guardians it may be, watching over us on this project and assisting us along the way.

This is the collection of Khao Sarn Hin ( rice turned stone ) that we will be adding to the special phim of 19 pieces.

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