Phra Leela Kradok Pi 108 Pacha Pothan Hok Wat Ta Kham 2509

Pothan Hok Wat Ta Kham

This is one of the most time tested spirited amulet that does not have bad side effects towards the bearer and his family members. I have known of die-hard collectors of Pothan Hok Wat TaKham whom wear his Phra Leela Kradok Pi for decades …daily. From my own personal experience, this is harder to find than Phra Pidta Wat Po. This phim used to be famous and popular among Singaporean amulet enthusiasts. I am sure the kind of amulets will never fade because their ittirit is always there, especially so if the owner regularly does its ritual and katha.

Some miracles that I have heard from collectors ( of which I will never doubt because of personal experiences) ;

  1. giving omens on about-to-happen incidents…both good and bad.
  2. safeguarding the owner and his properties from potential losses.
  3. shielding owners from enemies.
  4. potentially grant wishes of owners made in a vow ( have to redeem your vow upon granting to you)
  5. confusing enemies/attackers with illusions.

The benefits were very similar to that of Wat Po, on top of those mentioned it also helps to enhance luck, loving-kindness and protection.

Katha, instruction of use and handling advise will be provided upon collection. Those whom are not familiar with this collection, please avoid collecting it because we do not want you all to belief what we said. Both Phra Pidta Wat Po and Phra Leela Kradok Pi has many duplicates, please collect with care. We expect you all to know how to verify and checked them your self. Because it is our policy that we don’t return goods,once it leaves our hands. So kindly take note.

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