Phra Pidta Megaphat, Pothan Kron Wat Bangsek

Ven. LP Khron Ratchanaren (also known as Tok Raja) Wat Uttamaram (Wat Bangsek) Pasir Mas Kelantan

This phim is well known among Bangsek amulet collectors though not included in some popular reference books of Tok Raja’s collections. It is made from a combinations of metals we call Megaphat. This phim is only accepted is that of Pothan Kron if collected in Kelantan. At about the same period, Ven. LP Ee Wat Sattahip also consrecated such amulets and some has similar images.

In our opinion because in that era of World War II (2484-2485), many people often search for khreungrang khongklang (barang eg Phra Ngang), takruts, phayants or phra khreung (amulets) for protection and safety. Those days lay people just buy in the market to offer to their favorite Gaejik Archan to request Tahn LP to ploksek to wear for safety. While some people whom wants to make merits will offer those amulets they bought in bulk to Tahn LP to consecrate and then give to villagers whom comes to offer their respecct or tamboon with the LP. As for how Pothan Kron has similar images, it is very possible luksits from Bangkok buy and offer to Pothan Kron to ploksek and give away too. We in SaengThai, didn’t just hear say about this phim. Our relatives received them from Pothan’s hand himself verified this finding.

Ven. LP Ee, Wat Sattahip
Megaphat is one of the mysterious combination of metals done in accordance with Thai ancient formulas. It is believed to contain its own uniques sacred energies and abilities. It is a complex combination of lead and red copper together with samunphrai herbs, sulfur, mercury…etc. The end results will be a black shiny matter but t is brittle and may crack if mishandled. In the past quite a few Gaejik Archan like to use this megaphat to make amulets.
Ven. LP Ee, Wat Sattahip in one famous portrait of among greatest Gaejik Archan in that era.
21 Phra Maha Amata Ganacharn ( 21 Great Gaejik Archan) in a puthaphisek ceremony on Friday 16th February 2481