Gajaksi the Celestial Lion by Archan Heng Praiwan

Gajaksi exuberates aura of greatness and authority. People when they see us, they may either be immense in our awesomeness or terrified with fear. Terrified with fear because either they have done us wrong or have intention to, such terrified feelings may bring them to their knees and confess to us or drop their ill intentions altogether. Very similar with the katha “gataysi gataysi kikarana…” able to cause penance in others. Gajaksi can also makes us have strength of a mighty elephant. Those days whenever I heard of such, I kinda brush off such claims, but after years of katha incantations and certain ritualistic practise. I know that can be a fact. These are the things that drawn me to such practises, some ancient wicha that defies science or science explanations. Gajaksi can also make one invincible and free from bodily injuries caused by weapons.

Come to think of it now, I remembered one of our customer came to us with a unique problem, his son was bullied in school. My teacher recommended him Prayakruk, the Celestial Eagle-man we call Garuda. Also advised him to chant its katha. After many months later, the father called to thank us as he said somehow his son fought back and made his stand. He used to be timid. That’s the efficacy of such kreung rang or barangs. However from experience, those made by Gaejik Archans of the past whether monks or lay white teacher are usually more effective, maybe because they live in those years where fight is evitable eg World War II. As we all know those days the society can be rather rowdy, those with strength will survive.

Archan Heng Praiwan, one of the earliest lay disciple if not the 1st of Ven. LP Klan Wat Prayat

Archan Heng Praiwan has been interested in wicha saiyasat since young, his father had higher hopes for him. Sensing that if he keeps his son in Thailand chances are that he won’t be able to focus in his studies and he will not progress. His father then sent Archan Heng to places like eg Penang and Singapore just to further his studies. However after the demise of his father, Archan Heng has no other hindranes for him to seriously learn wicha saiyasat. Archan Heng Praiwan is considered Ven. LP Klan Wat Prayat‘s 1st lay disciple of whom Archan Heng learn much of his wicha. There isn’t much written records of Archan Heng of whom else he studied under other than Ven. LP Klan and Khao Or lineage in Pattalung.

Ven. LP Win, Wat Phothichareantham

But one thing is for sure, his peers all believed that he will be a great spiritual teacher because of his interest and skill. Archan Heng is famous for many things. His tattoo skills is so famous that even police force has to intervene to forbide him to continue his practise because of the miracles that manifested from his yantras inscriptions in his tattoos. It is very similar to our very Ven. LP Win of Wat Phothichareantham, Sungai Puyu, where police requested Tahn LP to stop making his takruts because criminals abused the Buddhakhoon.