Updates on Viharn Wat Pa’ Phromnimit, Sisaket

As far as the Viharn is concern, the interior is finished, we are completing the exteriore soon. The reason why the interior has been rushed up is Ven. LPu kept reminding us he will be parting with us soon, Tahn LPu said he has delayed his departure few times already but he doesn’t want to delay anymore now. Tahn LPu even has given a date to invite Phra Kaew and the other images into the viharn.

Phra Kaew and Luang Phor Khao which was handmade by Ven. LPu long time ago. Luang Phor Khao is a very sacred Buddha image.

Earlier we were raising for wall art for viharn but due to time constraint and difficulty in getting good labour, we ended up using wall paper. However now Ven. LPu wants us to raise the base higher for the Phra Kaew. It is in the progress now.

Just as I was sharing with my friends, Ven. LPu Sukh’s temple is worth helping because constantly the villagers go for their Dhamma lessons, Holy days observance, meditation and chantings. Whether it is a viharn or sala we helped built, the facilities will be used by the villagers. In that way, your baramis can increase because you didn’t donate to built a white elephant. In SaengThai we want to let our friends and customers partake in donations that can help churn good baramis eg building Ubosot, toilets, facilities that temple needs to use often or regular.

As for Ven. LPu Sukh, Tahn is still weak. Constantly under medical care, we have a Doctor whom we arrange to attend to Tahn LPu regularly and the Doctor is a very faithful follower of Tahn. Though Ven. LPu isn’t well but Tahn is mentally very strong despite his failing body. Tahn LPu still attends to devotees laities and monks whenever Than can gather the strenght. Tahn still meditates whether it is in the lying down position or sitting. In fact Than LPu has been consrecating amulets for laities this coming Kathina on the 20th October 2019 and Than LPu’s birthday .

We are still looking for 1 more sponsor for the decorative details back portion THB100,000

The above are decocatives for windows (6) and 1 door at THB15,000 each, still haven’t got sponsors. Paint and paintworks for the entire external viharn cost about THB100,000, also yet to have a sponsor.

We hope to hear and receive sponsors from all of you to help realize Tahn LPu’s wish to have this viharn ready.