Offering Coffee Hut to Wat DonPhaiYai

Since last March, Ven. LP Seua suggested to me that Tahn LP would like to install a coffee hut for the convenience of visitors that comes to temple. A self-service beverage pantry. Tahn LP knew very well, our Malaysian followers especially loves to drink beverages eg Teh Tarik, kopi-O…etc. Ven. LP loves our kopi-ping (iced coffee) but wants it very sweet.

I think it is a very good idea because, not only it serves us visitors well but also new monks or samanera when they are still yet adjusted to not partaking solid food after noon. They can just prepare whatever beverages they want to fill their tummy. And also more importantly, having the self service pantry will minimize people going in and out of Ven. LP Seua’s kuti because now Tahn LP receives his visitors in the guest area where Tahn will be resting in during the day to receive visitors.