Phra Ajahn Daeng (Kruba Daeng), Wat Pa’ Non Kheng, Sisaket

Phra Ajahn Daeng, Wat Pa’ NonKheng, Sisaket. Tahn Ajahn though young (now 43, born on a day of Saoha year of Horse) but very accomplished in both wicha saiyasat knowledge and abilities. Ordained at the age of 20 in Wat Luang Aranya, Sakeo. Tahn Phra Ajahn Daeng has been Ven. LPu Hoong of Wat Petburi Surin and Ven. LPu Kliang of Wat BanNonKed, Sisaket since in his teen days. Ven. LP Hoong have saved Phra Ajahn Daeng before. Phra Aj Daeng learnt directly from Ven. LPu Hoong, Ven LPu Kliang and another LPu Gaentha in PuKhaoFai.

Ven. LPu Hong Wat Petburi, Surin

Ven. LPu Kliang Wat BanNonKed, Sisaket
Tahn Archan Daeng studied also wicha saiyasat with many teachers in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia to name a few:

Ven. LPu Phromma Wat Tham SuanHinPhaNangKoy, Ubon Ratchathani

 Ven. LPu Kalong Wat KhaoLaem, Sak Kaew

Ven. LPhor Phrateung Wat DanCharoenChai, Petchabun.

May I admit myself that I committed the offense of judging the book by its cover when I was introduced to Tahn Ajahn Daeng last year. I thought Tahn was just one of those “New Kids on the Block” and was showing off. I wasn’t impressed at all with our 1st meeting. But after observing Tahn Ajahn over the last few occasions, Tahn has very respectful mannerism towards senior and old Reverends eg Ven. LPu Sukh Kovito. Tahn Ajahn will assist to support old Reverends personally to walk to their destination and make sure their necessary requisites are met. And Tahn Ajahn is a quiet person when not engaged with laities seeking his counselling. Tahn is a very humble Gaejik Ajahn, whenever Tahn is surrounded by elders Sanghas especially Gaejik Ajahn level, Tahn will lower himself down.

Tahn Ajahn Daeng invited me to his temple and showed me around personally.

This is Tahn Archan’s 5th temple he helped built over the years. Tahn wanted to withdraw into seclusion as a forest monk or residing in cave (he did before he started to built this temple), however was again being given the responsibility to built another temple. Tahn contemplated a long time however due to the love for the Dhamma, Lord Sakyamuni Buddha propounded. Tahn accepted the challenge to built 7 years ago, he said hopefully this will be his last temple before Tahn withdraws into total seclusion in search of the perfect Enlightement. It was tough as villagers doubted Tahn due to his age and outlook eg skinny like a drug addict, strange behaviour of practising walking meditation in the dark or tattoo all over …etc. He didn’t get much support when he first started this temple.

Tahn though achieved his reputation on his strict conduct, wicha knowledge, Dhamma, herbal healing and saiyasat among Sangha members but Tahn kept a very low profile. Even as to date Tahn declines invitation of blessings and puthaphisek ceremonies especially when organised by amulet traders, associations and temple committee that makes money from temples.

However Tahn will attend every event for raising funds for temple building, hospital buildings and schools. Tahn Archan has over the years helped raised approximately 300 troubled and poor teenagers. Giving them proper education or living skills. Now his temple builders were all this young adults coming back to repay his kindness. Tahn Ac saved alot on labour charges on his temple projects.

Not only will you see that Tahn Ajahn busy building the temple with his own bare hands. The images of Lord Buddhas, Boddhisattva Maitreya and Pu Reusi are made by himself. Tahn Ajahn has no trainings with such but his Kru essence is very strong in him.

But my favorite is this big Phra Nagphrok. NO MOULDS! All Naga’s scales are done with a single knife.

Tahn Ajahn Daeng very similar with many great Gaejik Ajahn that I got to know personally eg Tahn LP Seua, Wat Don PhaiYai/ Wat Don YaiPeuan, is that they can read minds very well. Tahn Ac Daeng actually mould a Sian Porgae right in front of me when doubts crossed my mind. Tahn is also very skillful in making Sians but I will not show all here except one piece because Tahn doesn’t want much publicity as for now even the National Academy of Culture and Arts of Thailand has approached him to make but Tahn Ajahn declined.

Why am I writing about Tahn Archan Daeng? It is because I find Tahn like a jewel shining in the sea of confusion, conceit and corruption in the current Thai Sanghas community. I hope to help raise awareness on his temple projects. True indeed is his search for excellence both as a responsible Reverend Monk that preaches the right Dhamma and also his healing abilities as a unique Gaejik Archan. Such accomplished and proper Gaejik Archan is seldom brought to light because Tahn doesn’t make alot of amulets. Tahn Archan Daeng makes enough for his fans and followers only, too little to be speculated for profit. And Tahn Ac is very against collaborating with traders, businessmen, temple commitees for non-temple profit activities especially when it comes to producing amulets.

During my stay with Tahn Ajahn I submitted myself to be his disciple and learned wicha. I will share more next postings.

The above was one the healing session we have to attempt, exocising Pee-Pob. Pee-Pob infestation was more serious in the past were there were many wicha practitioners. One of Pee-Pob cause-to-be was a wicha practitioner of have violated their lineage rules or precepts, therefore upon their death they were cursed into being a hungry spirit that feast on foul carcasses or faeces or killing animals eating away their belly organs. If they were to possess a human, it will eventually eat his/her internal organs.

The above video clip is a reported news of real occurence. Just to summarize the entire video clip. Pee-Pob has possessed the body of Yai Sai (name of the old granny). Bedridden for years and not eating any food. Her daughter came back from the city to take care of her sick mother. She heard rumours that villagers said that her mom is a Pee-Pob. Angry and frustrated at hearing such rumours, she decided to check for herself. She was dumbfounded when she saw with her own eyes that her mother will wake up and eat animals alive when she falls asleep. After tell her two elder brothers the truth, they claimed they already knew but didn’t dare to tell her sister. They all went to seek advise from a Abbot monk that they trusted above their mom. The Reverend monk said after meditating on the matter that their mom has long passed away but it is Pee-Pob that is using her dead body as a new vessel. At last they decided to get rid of the Pee-Bop and let her mother’s dead body be at peace.


The above was also a famous yet shocking news of a novice monk caught eating animals alive in a ceremony to redeem vow (a common practise in rural areas of Thailand. Little was known about this novice as he came another state. What happens next during the ceremony shocked everyone including those monks whom were present. The novice was believed to be possessed by Pee-Pob. In Malaysia, I hardly heard of such but my part-time house helper from Jawa said in her village Pee-Pob is still at large.

Tahn Ajahn Daeng is famous for curing Pee-Pob, most of such Pee-Pob has moved to other states because of him. These patients come from afar. Unfortunately I am also involved in the healing process therefore I cannot take photos or videos but anyway Tahn Ajahn Daeng forbids all video or photo taking of healing sessions and uploading them into social media like Facebook.

This is the 1st posting after such a long break, thank you all of you for reading and following up with me. STAY SAFE FROM COVID!