Phra Pidta Yant Yung, Phra Ajahn Daeng Wat Pa’Non Kheng, Sisaket

After such a long winded posting, lets have a simple and easy to digest post. Tahn Phra Ajahn Daeng is capable of making Metta Mahaniyom, Kungrahan Chatree, Klaewklard…etc . Not that I just heard or believe but the takruts and Thep HoonPhaYon which I brought back for the sponsors of the 28 Big Buddhas project was very well received, work promotions, better business or sales, protection to name a few from those whom has given me the feedback. The most startling case was a lady whom was crush by a 30kg woodden pallet, fully loaded came crashing down right on her, at the face. She called me immediately after the incident when she arrived at the hospital, my heart dropped! But when she came to visit after 1 week with her mask on (due to COVID), I was expecting the worst hearing from what the doctor said. When she revealed her face, I asked if she had performed the cosmetic surgery. She smiled at me and said “NO”. I asked then, “No bruises?” She said she only suffered a broken nose bridge but other than that not a scar on her face. She didn’t even fall down. After the incident, the people surrounding her kept saying, they couldn’t believe she escaped with only a broken nose bridge! No photos yah…she prefers to remain anonymous.

Need not ask for the Phra Pidtas. It was all taken once ceremony completed. Than Ajahn Daeng doesnt make much for all his amulets or takruts. If you go and visit his temple. You hardly see anything on the cabinet.

If there is an opportunity, I will arrange a visit there for those whom are interested especially during big occasion like waikhru ceremony. Your eyes will POPPED OUT…seeing beautiful Thai girls…some are celebrities…wearing Tahn Ajahn’s takrut on their waist…and it’s BIG and THICK…not one or some but many of them. That is why some of Tahn Ajahn’s limited takrut collection eg 108 piece can fetch as high as THB50,000!