Latest progress on Ven. LP Seua, Wat DonPhaiYai/DonYaiPeuan

Ven. LP Seua sends his wishes to all his followers in Malaysia, “May everyone be well and free from COVID threats!”. I speaks to Tahn LP regularly because ever since I got back from last July 2020 (I was with Tahn LP Seua and Tahn Phra Ac Daeng in Thailand for 4 months during the 1st COVID outbreak). I have been arranging for lunch danas for our members in Malaysia and Australia for occasions like birthdays celebrations and merits dedications to departed ones. So I always make it a point to inform Tahn LP whom sponsored lunch and how much was sent to Tahn LP.

One of our dearest member whom stayed long with us since our humble beginning, passed away recently. He was also a regular dana contributor to Tahn LP Seua. So we requested Tahn LP and other fellow Sanghas to dedicate merits to him after a lunch dana and donated Sanghadana on his 7th day of passing. For those of us whom doesn’t have the privilege to offer alms dana at our door step like in Thailand, we can always offer lunch danas at Wat DonPhaiYai.

What’s the advantage of doing a lunch dana?

Actually performing any Sanghadanas is good however, the Thais take the opportunity to start the day cleansing their karmic debts by doing good. It’s an obligation that they take very seriously in their life. During my ordination, the villagers were so happy just to see all the us performing our alms obligation. Giving food, a basic necessity to those whom treads on the path of Dhamma is important.

I wouldn’t believe it myself but in Singhburi when the dawn breaks, its beautiful. Cold, misty and a beautiful morning fragrance.

Many have often asked me, “How do I improve the quality of my life in accordance with Dhamma?” Start your day and end your day with simple chants, meditation, dana and dedicate the merits to karmic creditors. Start by putting a small an affodable and meaningful amount of money for alms food. Overtime, donate them to temples. Can you imagine starting the day doing goodness and ending it with goodness, sincerely…overtime…it changes you and your heart.

I still remember this lady had to be assisted by her husband as she couldn’t walk properly but yet she wakes up very early in the morning daily to perform her alms giving.

It can start from as little as THB2,500 to 3,000 per meal or more depends on sponsors. The amount sponsored if more than THB3,000 (an estimated meal portions for 4 or 5 Sangha monks, Tahn LP Seua will give the balance to each monks as pocket expenses unless specified). Funds will be sent from sponsors to temple directly.

Let’s comeback to the viharn, Tahn LP Seua is building to keep his body in the future.

This is the wooden base where the coffin will be resting upon. The cost of the base is THB300,000. Those whom are interested to contribute to this dana can contact me directly.

List of sponsors

  1. Derryck Cheong ————————————-THB10,000

Some of you asked me after seeing in on FB, what is it that Tahn LP Seua is cooking.

Little people are aware of this fact. Special blessed joss sticks and blessed herbal oils of Tahn LP Seua, are the regular items which brings constant revenues to temple. While alot of temple these days resorted to mixing herbal oil essence to make these oils but Tahn LP Seua and Tahn LPu Sukh still make such oils from cooking real herbs. Its tedious and time consuming but it promotes the efficacy of the oil. Very good for muscle sprains, bone fractures…etc. In the early days when I just got to know Tahn LP Seua, I saw how Tahn treated a villager of broken shin bone, using just bamboo sticks, this herbal oil and kathas. Healed perfectly in 3 months. No metals or screws needed. Yesterday some followers donated the ingredients and Tahn LP ordered them to be cooked already.