Contemplating of a pansa project for Ven. LP Seua, pre-Kathina preparations.

I was contemplating on starting a project this month actually to raise funds during this coming pansa, entering rains retreat this coming 27th July 2021. The funds collected will be for Kathina donations for Tahn LP Seua, Wat DonPhaiYai/ DonYaiPeuan. Participants can enlist to participate and donations can be send to us latest by the 2nd week of October. This year Kathina Celebration will be held on the 31st October 2021 at Wat DonPhaiYai/DonYaiPeuan. However, I am still undecided as the current COVID has been making many peoples’ life tough. I want to hear your views in this. Let me share with you what I have in mind this year.

Better finances! More money! Has been in mostly everyone’s mind whether you are rich or poor, and this issue has really hit into everyone’s heart and mind especially since COVID started. Since my teacher, Archan Phromayarn Ratanayarnpimote has been very famous of late and he has always been talking to me about his baby project which took his almost two years to finalize from conception to actual producing them. It is a HIT in Thailand. The METANG Purse/Wallet. In Thailand METANG, pronounce as “Mi Dtang” means having money.

Me and Archan Phrommayarn during 2020 waikhru ceremony
Archan Phrommayarn Ratanayarnpimote of Phrommayarn Payagorn Thailand

Archan Phrommayarn has been in the limelight for recent months due to his accuracy in oracle cards predictions since last year.

This is a special full leather wallet/purse for both men and women. It’s a very well designed and thoughtful project of Archan Phrommayarn. An astrologically and auspiciously endowed money bag. It has been in the market for more than 2 years now. It has been a very hot item in Thailand for more than half a year now especially when Tahn Archan has been in the news limelight and famous TV programs of recent. Currently out-of -stock!

It is not available on any e-commerce platforms, only available for purchase via disciples of Phrommayarn Payagorn family. I was actually thinking of making it available for sponsors for this year 2021 pansa at Wat DonPhaiYai. Entering rain retreat or pansa this 27th July 2021. I was initially thinking of inviting Tahn LP Seua to ploksek the special wallet/purse for an entire 3 months pansa. Eg. A sponsor of THBx,xxx, will have his/her own auspicious wallet of his/her own auspicious color as per their birth details. Not only it is full leather, it has a unique Yant MahaSetthi from Billionaire katha of Ven. LP Parn Wat Bangnomkho/ Ven. LP Lersi Lingdam Wat Thasung lasered onto it. It has a navaklohak Lord Ganesha medallion on it, it has a real USD1 with Yant Mahasetthi on it also. Archan Phrommayarn himself believes in the sacredness on USD1 bill and all the mysterious and auspicious symbols on it makes it a strong currency for many centuries before this. These auspicious wallets/purse are ploksek by Tahn Archan himself.

I still am undecided on it as this COVID times has made many tightened their belts and I do not want to have this to be another missed opportunity. You may reach me at 012 733 5303 or my Whatapp or even email me at to give me your opinion. Thank you.