Pee Gak

When I got new of the new TV short series last month, I was already excited. I would say the production is not too bad. Will upload the 1st part of the series for those horror fans like me.

There are many whom are fascinated with aliens out of space, mostly are just sights or rumours claiming of its existence invading Earth. There is a real dimension very close to the realm of humans. While some refers them as ghost, some calls them spirits. While they can be treated as stories for the new generation of people but to me, they are as real as you and me. I have been the fortunate few to have seen and experienced them.

But in Thailand there can be many types, I still remember when I started learning about exorcism from my Kru. I was astounded as there were so many types and different ways to handle for the different types of them. Lets talk about Pee Gak. Pee Gak, used to be a common feared of spirit mostly in the outskirts of Northern Thailand. Quite similar with Pee Bop, a common spirit in The Esan areas. Both have different ways of exorcism and different characteristic. There are 2 types of Pee Gak; first type are those whom will possess the victim and feed upon him/her till his/her internal organs are gone and they will still occupy the body and feed until they are discovered and the villagers will get a exorcist or healer to perform the exorcism. It is evident that a Pee Gak or Pee Bop possess the dead and use the body as vessel because right after the exorcism, when the Pee Gak/Pee Bop evicted. The dead body will turn into a foul corpse, exactly like it has been dead for a long time. Not a normal death phenomenon.

The second type are Pee Gak which is a free spirit, doesn’t do harm and can feed on his/her own without harming humans. There are commonly 6 ways one can become Pee Gak;

  1. from people whom are practising saiyasat but had misconduct and are considered the most feared form of Pee Gak because they were practising saiyasat before this. Sometimes certain kathas or weapons can do them no harm. This is why I always warn people from learning saiyasat especially when I know the person’s character of lack discipline. Because some lineage has their inheritance curse, a conduct as simple as eating on the same dish after someone else or drinking from the same cup after someone else is enough to have the curse afflicted upon you.
  2. from ancestral worship whom became Pee Gak, usually stays from generation to generation to protect the family tree but will punish or may even kill shall the new generations refuse to perform the rituals to appease them.
  3. from succession, at times upon death of the current Pee Gak, before his/her last breath. He/She may persuade someone to continue to inherit it.
  4. from receiving an inheritance gift, the key of succession. This is very similar with succession but without the receiver’s knowledge. Eg. your weak granny gives you her precious gold necklace.
  5. from Pee Gak wicha, usually Lik Kae (like in the movie, a local Thai opera) in the olden days, they are common Pee Gak bearers or worshippers. Like in the movie, Pee Gak has the ability to make you look beautiful or attractive or draw people towards you. Common among Lik Kae show biz, ladies whom are in the night life.
  6. from spirit wicha traders like in the movie, one obtains Pee Gak by meeting the wicha practioner we usually call “Mo Pee” or shamans or occulist specializing in using spirits.

As you can see from the movie, usually turns strong of 15th day Thai Lunar months. As long as one feeds it as agreed, Pee Gak will not attack the owner. But it will not hesitate to attack if the owner breaks his/her promise upon obtaining it.

Pee Krasue

It has been a long lost art of Pee Gak/Pee Bop healing, now in Central Thailand eg Bangkok, there is almost none of Pee Gak/Pee Bop occurences over the last few decades. And I mean real occurences, because now all such occurences are due to hallucination due to drug abuse or lack of attention or mental illness. However in the Northern areas like outskirts ChiangMai, Chiangrai, Esan areas like Sisaket, Buriram, Roi Et, there are still such Pee Gak/Pee Bop infestation. Last year when I was with Tahn Phra Ac Daeng, I was fortunate to be able to join them as an observer then later as a part of them to help conduct such Pee Bop healing. Pee Krasue is still a common in the outskirts of Thailand and in fact in remote or outskirts area of Indonesia or Kalimantan.

This was a real case in Lopburi that shocked the entire nation more than a decade ago.
The same naen boy, now an adult in his mid 30s have confessed nationwide over media that he was suffering from lack of attention from his family then when he commited the shocking act. He wasn’t possesed by Pee Bop.

Someone once asked me this, what amulets can effectively ward off such spirits. I told him people are not interested. Looking frowned and confused, then he said how can that be, must be very expensive? Yes, I answered. It can cause many missed opportunities and makes us uneasy at most times. I will not give you all the answer. But those whom can answer me correctly on 1st attempt can collect an amulet from me. Only 3 lucky person. You may call me at 012 7335303 or Whatsapp me or even email me at

” Pee Gak”