Thep HoonPahYoon

Hoon-pah-yoon basically refers to a shape of anything being made to be look alive using wicha arkom . Some kruba ajahn make shape resembling human while others, shape of animals or Yaks (gigantic celestial beings). There are 2 types of hoon-pah-yoon generally, the Thep and the Athanwet. Thep HPY basically have no spirit resides in it, the efficacy of the kathawet or the tamra (formula) makes it very lively as if there is a living spirit hence no need to make offerings to it. Athanwet HPY on the otherhand has a spirit bound to it. Its all about preference but for an average family, in my opinion a Thep HPY is good enough. You must know the kruba ajahn whom makes Athanwet HPY well and the batch what is it made of because the danger of Athanwet HPY if one didn’t take care properly or the owner passed away it could render your residence and family sleepless nights. I am priviliged of getting to know some good kruba ajahn whom makes good Thep HPY eg Pothan Kloy Wat PuKhaoThong Pattalung, LPu Selood Wat Kuk UThong Prachinburi and now Phra Ajahn Daeng Wat Pa’ Non Kheng Sisaket. All their Thep HPY are made to protect household from buglaries, black magic and bad spirits.

Phra Ajahn Daeng, Wat Pa’ Non Kheng Sisaket, holding up a Thep HPY which I requested to be made recently

Tahn Phra Ajahn Daeng learnt wicha HPY from Luang Pu Jun Sirimangkalo of Phanom Khulen and also various kruba ajahn of Tahn Phra Aj Daeng to help perfect his wicha eg Ven. LP Hong Wat Surin. Tahn Aj Daeng told me that it all started from the era King Rama II after the fall of Ayuthaya before 1800, during which HPY was widely used in warfare and among royalties for protection against their hidden wealth. There were manuscsript which records the use of HPY during war and its efficacy. Till this very day some treasures which remain burried underground but unaccessible due to the efficacy of such HPY, only very few treasure diggers lived to tell their agonies, fear and freaky experience. Tahn Aj Daeng persistently search for the ancient scrolls from ancient Ayuthaya period. Tahn found it and brought out to show me his collection of Tamra Pichai Songkram, the sacred text of using occult wicha to win warfare.

It was after hearing Tahn Aj Daeng shared with me his history and knowledge that I requested Tahn Aj Daeng to write Takrut Kam Duang, a powerful takrut to help sustain our destiny from misfortunes, troubles and help turn our luck for the better. I have been searching for the right takrut duang for years. Because I study astrology, I understand the Gaejik Aj must be skillful also in deciphering astrological details of a person and use wicha akom to enhance our destiny with it. I must say that some of the response from the Takrut Kam Duang (takrut to overcome life’s misfortunes) of 28 sponsors were remarkable plus the fact that the boon barami (enhancing the energy of Jupiter) from helping to sponsor a big Buddha is immeasurable.

During these pandemic especially, buglary cases, break-ins, snatch thefts are on the rising. It was after meeting with several followers or clients’ and feedback that I requested Tahn Phra Ajahn Daeng to make specially for my group. I spent my first COVID wave, last March 2020 till July 2020, in Thailand, in both Wat DonPhaiYai/DonYaiPeuan in Singhburi and Wat Pa’ Non Kheng in Sisaket. During my stay with Phra Ajahn Deang then, Tahn was teaching and guiding me in the process of making the small HPY…in practise…from making them to thevaploksek ritual. So I can vouch that Tahn doesn’t use any materials which involve spirits like materials of the dead or burial earth. During the thevaplosek ceremony I can hear rattling noise from these HPY in the box, even my own personal HPY from another kruba ajahn came out hanging partially even though it was placed inside its container (nobody touched it because I was sitting near my own belongings).

The ploksek or sakud katha/ katha & jit incantation starts from the moment the grass was cut, formed into shape, writing of yantras on the main body, both hands and legs, stringing the shape to hold and the final coating with black resin. The mind/jit coupled with katha saksit cast upon the act of forming the HPY is very important.

Thep HPY (before applying black resin) 25 cm in height

The above are on-going constructions eg, ubosot, viharn suad mon, pitpitaphan (museum) and kuti. Tahn Phra Aj Daeng requires raw materials mostly because the labour work are done by himself and the other monks.

Tahn Phra Aj Daeng has been an inspiring figure to all the youngster Tahn help to foster and provide education. The photo of Tahn Phra Aj on the roof, Tahn has fallen down from this height more than once, from day one when it was just pillars and metals but Tahn Phra Aj escaped death nor seriously bruised or crippled.

Kathina Ceremony Invitation Note this coming 29-30 October 2021

I am hereby inviting people whom are keen to sponsor THB10,000 worth of raw materials needed to built temple eg. cement, metals…etc and Tahn Phra Aj will make a Thep HPY (25cm in height) as souvenir to help protect your residence or business place against dangers of buglary, break-ins, black magic attacks etc. People whom are interested will have to provide name and address of location where you will keep this Thep HPY because every Thep HPY will have its own individual name calling name and location assigned to it.

List of Sponsors:

  1. Derryck Cheong………………….THB20,000 (2 units)
  2. Anonymous (USA)……………..THB10,000 (1 unit)
  3. Benjamin Lau………….THB10,000 (1 unit)

I took this shot, liked it very much. To those of you whom may have doubts on monks whom are young, looked funny, bodies full of tattoos, I can totally understand because I was like that too. Until I spent months with Phra Aj Daeng that I realized one should never judge a book by its cover!

I am confident with the capability of Tahn Phra Ajahn Daeng because I was guided, taught and shown by Tahn himself. Therefore last year with the support of 28 sponsors both from Malaysia and abroad, we all helped raised more than RM100,000 in less than 3 weeks. All funds were transfered directly to temple. We helped to fund the completion of the 28 important Buddhas of the past in Wat Pa’ Non Kheng. The COVID pandemic, district curfew and travel restrictions have delayed the completion of them. Once all the 28 Buddhas completed with the name of sponsor, I will update on my website.

FAQs on Thep Hoon-Pah-Yoon, Phra Ajahn Daeng Wat Pa’ Non Kheng, Sisaket

  • Need to give offerings of any kinds eg red colored drinks, water, food? No need to give offerings of any kind even joss sticks. Just at initial before bringing it into the house, lit 16 joss sticks and chant the necessary katha then atithan (wish) then invite Thep HPY in and place it properly will do.
  • How do we call the Thep HPY and do we need to chant any katha? Each will be given its own name, chant the katha and call it by its name and atithan.
  • What happens if we move? Lit 16 jossstick to inform and invite that it will be relocated to a new location and resume its duty there.
  • I do not have an altar at home, where should I put it? It can be framed into a photo frame for wall hanging or as display anywhere above waist height eg working table or display shelves. Example below. The frame will have to be purchased.
  • Any “pantang” or matters we cannot do after acquiring it? No “pantang”, Phra Ajahn Daeng said the better we observe the 5 precepts, the better the efficacy of the Thep HPY.
    • Refrain from taking life. Not killing any living being.
    • Refrain from taking what is not given. Not stealing from anyone.
    • Refrain from sexual misconduct
    • Refrain from unwholesome speech.
    • Refrain from intoxicants that cloud the mind.
  • Would it suddenly appear and scare people in the house? No it does not. No element of ghostly spirit in it.
  • When do we need to send the funds and to where? You may send whenever you are ready. Funds that are received before 29-30th October 2021 will be donated under Kathina sponsorship, which generates better virtues. For those who needs an official temple receipt may put in your request. You may directly send your sponsorship to KASIKORN BANK ACCOUNT NO. 577-203-486-7 ACCOUNT HOLDER’S NAME : PORNSUKH SAMAN or request me to facilitate the transfer at RM15 transaction fee per transaction. Kindly send me your transfer slip to update Phra Aj your money transfer.
  • It is quite big ( the standard 25 cm height), can I have it smaller? Yes you may, I am receiving orders for the size of average man’s palm size (about 15 to 20 cm)
  • It is only for protection? Can also help to draw customers for retail business or make to appear that many people visit your retail business.

I will update further relevant and pertinent questions are we go along. Annumodhannasadhuboon to all of you ^^^.