Khiao Kaew Paedan Bak (Pedestal Teeth)

Khiao Kaew Paedan Bak or what we call as pedestal teeth. Such teeth are much sought after by people whom loves wicha saiyasat. However such teeth are divine blessing, very few people has it. Fewer it is that such people whom has it has the destiny as kruba ahjan at gaejik level. In the past, Ven. LP Koay Wat Kositaram, Chainart and Ven. LPu Kalong has it and it’s publicly made known. One thing for sure such gaejik ajahn has great attainments in their spiritual and wicha saiyasat practise. They are known to be wachasit, the ones with sacred mouth, the things they say will come true. That’s the reason why you see Tahn LPu Kalong has this act of pressing the pedestal teeth whenever Tahn LPu starts atitahn ploksek. It’s an act of activating the sacredness empowered in him through the pedestal teeth. Some reports have even mentioned that Ven. LPu Toh Wat Pradoo commented on the sacredness of such gaejik ajahn that possesed pedestal teeth and the amazing capability.

In my lifetime, I have 2 such unique teachers, one is a white lay Cambodian shaman Phor Yod Chumporn and the other Phra Ajahn Daeng Wat Pa’ Non Kheng. I apologize for the rather obscene display but that’s the only way I can show you Phra Aj Daeng’s khiao kaew, the precious teeth. Since Tahn Aj is born on Saoha day, this particular spot will change form with visible “fang like teeth” sprouting out at the buldge. This will render Tahn Aj not able to eat for the days and Tahn Aj will be uncomfortable. Other Buddhist holy days, here referring to Wan Phra, a molar teeth will emerge but not as painful or uncomfortable as special Saoha day. Stunning but it’s true!