Phra Kesa Neor Din Pao Kruba Boonchum

The above video is one that reveals truth AS IT IS about Tahn Kruba Boonchum. For those whom doesn’t understand the content, watching the images will aroused Piti in you for those whom have strong affinity with a good disciple of Lord Buddha. In my life till current, only 2 teachers will arouse Piti in me, one is Tahn LP Seua Wat DonPhaiYai/Wat DonYaiPeuan in Singhburi and the other is non other than Tahn Kruba Boonchum. But I have never seen Tahn Kruba before, however by associating in my mind about Tahn Kruba Piti will arouse.

Piti in Pali (SanskritPriti) is a mental factor associated with the development of jhana in Buddhist meditation. According to Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, piti is a stimulating, exciting and energizing quality, as opposed to the calmness of sukha. Piti is a joyful samskara (formation) associated with no object, so the practitioner is not attaining it by desire. It is often translated into the English word “rapture” and is distinguished from the longer-lasting meditative “joy” or “happiness” which is a subtler feeling which arises alongside p?ti.

Those whom would like to know some background details of Tahn Kruba may visit this link here

Let me share some infos not readily available of Tahn Kruba Boonchum. Tahn Kruba isn’t just a strange monk now but Tahn has been such since a kid. During his primary years, his teachers often labeled him as mentally unsound but he isn’t affected by labels or teases kids or teachers hurled at him then. All his primary school teachers whom had make such remarks had seek forgiveness from Tahn Kruba himself. His close relatives revealed that Tahn Kruba even when he was a child helping his parent looking for food or collecting harvest will often release whatever live animals he caught eg fishes. His cousin sister recounted their past revealed that Tahn Kruba Boonchum when he was still a kid will always built Chedis from sand at river side. Even his childhood primary school friends whom are now Tahn Kruba Boonchum’s faithful and loyal devotees said that he was often ridiculed because he always talk about Dhamma, chantings and revering Lord Buddha then already at the age of 6 to 10. And at the age of 11 (2519) when Tahn Kruba ordained as a samanera, Tahn was already eating only 1 meal a day of vegetables and fruits only. Even at the age of 11 as a Samanera, Tahn Kruba was often praised for his demeanour….still…compose…serene…proper. At the age as a Samanera, Tahn Kruba’s photo of him as a samanera meditative kid was already been hung and revered in many houses in the village. Still finding that the enviroment of Wat Ban Dai where Tahn was ordained as not serene as he wished, Tahn left the temple travelling on foot to follow his vision of a lady in white whom appeared in his dream. Tudong on foot alone at age of 13 for 13km and arrive at a village in Chiangsen, Chiangrai. Tahn Kruba Boonchum, relatively an unknown samanera kid was able to convince the village head and the villagers that the spirited lady brought Tahn there and tell them this spot is a sacred place. Tahn Kruba suggested to built a Chedi. Kruba at that tender age and an unknown samanera was able to gather funds and built Phratat Nang Khoi in less than 3 years. Kruba names the Chedi after the name of the spirit lady. After which Kruba tudong into Myanmar where again Tahn Kruba tudong following his nimit (vision) of an old Chedi in the middle of forest in the District of Pong. When Kruba arrived at the village nearby to asked the whereabout is an old Chedi in the forest. All denied the existence of it. Tahn Kruba very confidently said there is, despite villagers telling Tahn otherwise. Tahn continued searching with some follwoing Tahn Kruba because Tahn is an outsider and back in those days tudong monks are much feared of. Everyone was stunned when Tahn Kruba found and old small sized ancient Chedi. That was the begining of Wat Phratat DonReung. This is where Than Kruba spent most of his pansa and also where the heart of Myanmar people fell in love with Tahn Kruba.

Tahn Kruba also spent the 1st deep meditation in Rachapreuk Cave in Lampang, Chiangmai in 2553 for 3 years 3 months and 3 days. For the entire retreat Tahn Kruba doesn’t meet nor does Tahn speaks. There were hundreds and thousands of devotees greeting Tahn Kruba upon awakening from his 3 years 3 months 3 days deep retreat. And what Tahn Kruba Boonchum said is very important, ” After 3 years 3 months 3 days, I achieved nothing. No pyschic abilities, No Arahantship, No Sotapannaship, No sakadagaminship, No anagaminship attained during this period. I spent the entire period seeing Dhamma, the mental and the physical aspect of self, own defilements and own body. I am just a normal average person. I spent the period training my own mind in seclusion, seeing the impermanence in life and training to be better.” A loyal follower of Tahn Kruba Boonchum, Phra Ajarn V.Vijiramedhi, said Tahn Kruba always remind us monks whom follows Tahn Kruba, “Please do not praise me nor worship me, please see beyond me. Teach laities the Dhamma.”

There were rumours that Tahn Kruba said himself that Tahn will pass away at the age of 66 (now 57 years of age)

Amulet of baked clay with mixture of relics and hair of Kruba Boonchum, batch of building Ubosot of Wat TonNgiu, Lamphun, 2540

Phra Kesa Neor Din Pao Kruba Boonchum (Amulet of baked clay with mixture of relics and hair of Kruba Boonchum) . I was very fortunate to receive one when I was stuck in Thailand last year from a LPi from Lampun. I was attracted to this amulet because Tahn Kruba Boonchum actually agreed to make this batch of amulets by donating his kesa (hair), phratat (relics) and also provided an image of how it should look like in the year 2540 to support his cousin’s temple Phrakru Pariyatikit Phiphat of Wat ThaTonNgiu, Lamphun. Only 2,540 pieces were made in accordance with the years of Buddhism. Phrakru sent it to Tahn Kruba to metta jit atithan and after which it was placed inside the base of a Buddha image at the Ubosot. In 2561, 21 years after keeping underneath the Buddha image, permission was obtained to take the amulets out to help raise funds to refurbish the temple. Very little news about this phim, it was only after Tahn Kruba given out this batch to devotees in Bangkok (less than 500 pieces), some devotess traced back to the origin temple in Lamphun. This batch of amulet has gone through multiple puthaphisek ceremonies by Tahn Kruba himself and other gaejik archans in Lampun.

To be very honest, I wasn’t too excited when Phrakru Pariyatikit Phiphat of Wat ThaTonNgiu, Lamphun claims he is cousin of Kruba Boonchum. Deep in my heart, people will claim this and that riding on the popularity of Kruba Boonchum. Ven. Phrakru Pariyatikit did share with me his personal photos to prove otherwise, I am humbled. In fact, Phrakru shared about his near death ordeal in 2543, after participating in the occasion of celebrating the birthday of Kruba Boonchum in Than Kruba’s temple in Myanmar. When Phrakru took leave with Tahn Kruba Boonchum, Tahn Kruba actually requested Phrakru to stay over another night at temple, however Phrakru declined the offer. Tahn Kruba Boonchum actually blessed Phrakru and tied auspicious saisin on both his left hand and right hand. Little did Phrakru know what happended next was a disaster. Both Phrakru and the driver fell asleep on the wheels in Chiangmai. It crashed into a long truck, it was a total disaster. Police and emergency evacuation personels said no one could survive the accident but fortunately they did. All was safe except Phrakru whom was flung out of the passager van, Phrakru broke his left leg due to the impact. Phrakru said he took off the leg wrist auspicious saisin which Tahn Kruba tied. Phrakru said maybe if he didnt remove it, both his legs would have been fine. It was after the event he realized why Tahn Kruba Boonchum insisted the he stayed for another night instead of traveling back. If Phrakru adhered to the offer of Tahn Kruba, he could have escaped his malefic karma that night. However the barami of Tahn Kruba Boonchum had reduce the magnitude of loss in this melefic karma already.

In the news, it was also mentioned that Ms. Kanchanok, another cousin of Tahn Kruba Boonchum shared that she had a major stroke and fell into coma for 3 days. Attending doctors said her survival is only 20% at most or even if she were to recover she will be in a vegetative state. She lived to tell the amazing barami of Kruba Boonchum when she discovered that she woke up with an amulet and auspicious saisin tied to her wrist. She is healthy normal person now.

There were many incidents which people came out to tell how their loved ones were critically illed but survived and some cured of the criticall illness miraculously after praying to Tahn Kruba Boonchum.

There are plenty of amulets which featured Kruba Boonchum and claimed that it was made by Tahn Kruba Boonchum. Please know that Tahn Kruba doesn’t make amulets, however many so-called followers made amulets and present it to Tahn Kruba. However Tahn Kruba will just metta atithan jit (metta blessing upon them) and returns them back to whoever brought it to him. This Phra Kesa Neor Din Pao is the only batch I heard of Tahn Kruba gives his blessings and support by donating his hair and also relics that Than Kruba Boonchum accumulated by the power of his virtues/boon barami. Even the end-image of the amulet and how it should look like was protrayed by Tahn Kruba. Therefore I claim this phim is very different from the rest.

I am not here to “sell” Phra Kesa Din Pao Kruba Boonchum amulet but rather would like to impress upon those whom had faith with Tahn Kruba like myself and the immeasurable boon barami of Than Kruba Boonchum whom loyal devotees of Myanmar, Bhutan and Northen Thailand, call as the real living “Boddhisattva”. Good news for those of you whom had always desired Tahn Kruba Boonchum’s amulet but am unsure which is really Tahn Kruba’s amulet, I only have 32 pieces of this Phra Kesa Din Pao batch to offer. I collected them from Phrakru himself. Phrakru had written a letter under his seal and temple’s letterhead of an event I help supported. The letter is private and confidential but I can show it to those whom would like to verify the authenticity of the source of this batch of amulet. Please be informed that temple does not have any more of this amulet, Phrakru said there are individuals whom are collecting them by the hundreds and keeping them first. Which might mean that it will be expensive in future.

The 32 Phra Kesa Neor Din Pao will come ready with a silver casing, also elephant bone necklace and auspicious red wrist saisin (as photos above). This set of Phra Kesa Neor Din Pao will be going for RM1,000. For those whom are keen to own them but have insufficient cash, can bank in RM500 as advance but must pay the balance in 1 month time. Failure to pay the balance by the end of a month’s grace period, the RM500 will be refunded and the amulet given to the next lucky participants. Please call me Derryck at 012-7335303 or whatsapp me or email me at to participate. Thank you.

List of The 32 Lucky Participants:

  1. Mr. Lau Kok Meng
  2. Annonymous
  3. Benjamin Lau

6th October 2564 (2021), I am very happy to have been able to help make the yearly dana of Ven. Phrakru Pariyatikit Phiphat of Wat ThaTonNgiu, Lamphun. Phrakru was very concern if he can carry on with this year’s dana commitment to the villagers and samaneras due to the COVID pandemic effect . Despite tough challenge managing his own temple during this pandemic, yet Phrakru donated to 100 families in the village. Phrakru also donated to samaneras for their education on the same day.