Takrut “Kam Duang” Phra Aj Daeng, Wat Pa’ Putthayarn, Sisaket.

Before I begin, Wat Pa’ Ban Non Kheng has been officially conferred the name Wat Pa’ Putthayarn, Ban Non Kheng, Sisaket. Actually I have written about this Takrut “Kam Duang” in the year 2020 when I was in Sisaket and Singhburi during the 1st COVID phase in March 2020. But I wrote it on my Samsung Note and sent out the article. I did not post it on my website. This is like going back in time because little did I expect that there will be request for Takrut “Kam Duang” again.

What is “Kam Duang”? While most of my readers should be aware of what “Duang” is, in short it means our destiny. “Kam” on the other hand has several meaning eg cross-over, leap, surpass, surmount or bestride. Putting them together it means overcoming malefics, misfortunes or destitude.

How is it such? It is because every takrut has to be written individually depending on the birth details of the person and Phra Aj Daeng wil have to erect your astrological chart and balance it with wicha.

Takrut “Kam Duang” cannot be written on other metal sheet except what Phra Aj called “LohakThang4” which is a combination of gold, platinum, silver and hi-grade of bronze. This serves like the 4 elements of our body namely earth, water , wind and fire element. Hence the “Buddhakhoon” or what we laymen call “power” of the takrut is in one with the owner, increasing its effectiveness.

making of “LohakThang4” metal sheets
grinding them to the right thinness to be made into takrut

How I managed to convince Phra Aj to write takrut “Kam Duang” for my members, is by being sponsors for the uncompleted 28 Buddhas images in Wat Pa’ Non Kheng. 28 sponsors at THB18,000 each.

The 28 Buddhas

There were 28 Buddhas namely Ta?hankara Buddha, Medhankara Buddha, Sarangkara Buddha, Dipankara Buddha, Ko?danya Buddha, Mangala Buddha, Sumana Buddha, Revata Buddha, Sobhita Buddha, Anomadassi Buddha, Paduma Buddha, Narada Buddha, Padumuttara Buddha, Sumedha Buddha, Sujata Buddha, Piyadassi Buddha, Atthadassi Buddha, Dhammadassi Buddha, Siddhattha Buddha, Tissa Buddha, Phussa Buddha, Vipassi Buddha, Sikhi Buddha, Vessabhu Buddha, Kakusandha Buddha, Ko?agamana Buddha, Kassapa Buddha, ending with Gautama Buddha , ending with Gautama Buddha during our times. In Wat Pa’ Ban NonKheng, there are exactly 28 big Buddha images representing all of them. All of them are not completed yet due to funds availability.

In less than 2 weeks, I managed to all the 28 sponsors. When I go Wat Pa’ Putthayarn next, I should be able to get all the photos with the individual sponsors name on them. Hence to me, this batch of takrut “Kam Duang” is sure effective because the proceeds go to making of big Buddha images. Jupiter planet is the biggest in our solar system and its effects on human lives on Earth is very important.

Now flashing back to 2022, after 2 years. Those sponsors whom updates me their experiences, I have to admit that it is a very good takrut and I am happy to have introduced to my members and families. This takrut has helped a lady being crashed head on with a 100kg pallet of goods, witnessed by warehouse staff that despite witnessing the load crashing down on her but nothing landed on her except that she fractured her nose. The other cases are mostly the takrut pre warn the owner of misfortunes by making them feeling not comfortable or it suddenly fell out. This takrut will be even more effective in improving on your luck if you always chant and keep your 5 precepts daily.

Official receipt for the sponsors of temple building at Wat Pa’ Putthayarn, Sisaket

Like I have mentioned before, takrut “kam duang” works best only when you sincerely perform a dana. Hence those whom sponsors THB18,000 and above may request for this takrut. NOBODY or any traders will do such because all monies go to temple. When my teachers explained to some amulet traders when they wanted to rope me in into their project that I do not take percentage or profits from the funds and proceeds like they do. Their jaws dropped! All the virtues are accrued to you and your family, I am just a bridge, bridging the dana. Venerable LP Seua of Wat Don Phai Yai and Phra Aj Daeng of Wat Pa’ Putthayarn will be able to vouch for my integrity.

Though the 28 Buddhas project has ended 2 years ago. All future sponsors of Big Phra Cakkapat & Viharn of THB18,000 will get a takrut “Kam Duang” from Phra Aj Daeng himself. Do not miss the opportunity to be a part of this important project. We believe that shall we have yet to earn our place in Nibbana, we will be reborn again as a Buddhist under Phrabuddha Sriariyametrai (now referred to as Phra Cakkapat, the Boddhisattva). Those whom are interested to donate to the building of the big Phra Cakkapat image or interested to own your own takrut “kam duang”, may contact me at 012-733 5303 or email me at ajahnkampli@gmail.com.