The biggest Phra Cakkapat, The Victorious Boddhisattva

PhraCakkapat Song Lok (The Victorious Boddhisattva Looking at the world)

December 2021 last year ended with a great bang when we achieved to pool an initial fund of THB1million to Phra Aj Daeng to start the building of PhraCakkapat image. It is 36 to 40 meters in height from the base of seat to the tip of the crown. It’s about 10 meters knee to knee. The big structure was left idle for more than 2 years now and with the current economy, it will be another long wait while the initial metal foundation and base structures will be left to rust. I am humbled to have received support from 10 initial sponsors of THB100,000 to start the project. I will not state the names like before because most of them want to remain anonymous. Here is some of the temple certs for the funds received.

Immediately after the funds have reached temple, Phra Aj Daeng held an invocation prayers to kruba acharn phromthep theva to dedicate merits and blessings to the initial 10 sponsors. This ceremony is also to get the divine blessings to have the project progress smoothly.

Of course the photos above includes the most recent development of the Boddhisattva image. As agreed, this Big Future Buddha (in another 2,500 years more in the future) will be sitting on the “duangs” of all the 10 initial sponsors for their kindness and support to kick start the project. It means being bless always by a Victorious Boddhisttva in all the possible ways and to be reborn (if yet to exit from the Wheel of Rebirth) as a Buddhist under the patronage of the Future Buddha.

Phra Cakkapat

For those whom are wondering how does Phra Cakkapat looks like, its like shown above. He will emerge as PhraSriariyakmetrai. This project is an important project because this Phra Cakkapat will be the biggest in Sisaket and also the whole of Thailand.

The big Phra Cakkapat will be done up to the head very soon and we will be sourcing for sponsors for the eyes and the lightning arrestor. The eyes which are made from shells, black stone called Onyx and Russian stones for the “Unalom” or 3rd eye of the Boddhisattva. The eyes will cost THB250,000 while the lightning will cost THB70,000. Those whom are keen to participate can message or call me at 012 733 5303 or email me at

List of sponsors for eyes and “unalom”

  1. Dato’ Wong……….THB100,000
  2. Anonymous………..THB50,000

Last but not least. I thank all of the first 10 sponsors for their continuous support despite the challenging economic enviroment. May the Triple Gem and Phra Cakkapat bless you and your family always ^^^.