Katha to increase ‘responsiveness’ of amulet.

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We constantly receive enquiries about how can amulet collectors increase their amulet’s ‘responsiveness’ or in Thai they call it ‘saksit’ . Responsiveness or saksit usually refer to the effectiveness of the amulet in answering our request.

We have to stress again here ( as we have share in our previous posts ) that such responsiveness depends on many factors. For example our Karma or our parami/perfections. We have shared a simple katha before this, chanting of Mak A U, or Nak Mo Budh Dha Yak or Nak Mak Pak Tak but perhaps our readers are expecting something a little bit more challenging. A word of advise for the Katha enthusiasts, it is not just in the Katha alone but our heart as well in order to effectively execute a Katha.

Here is another Katha we can use to chant to increase the responsiveness of the amulet.

Please begin with Namo tassa…x3

Puthang saksit prakchow plaengrit pit duai prak Dhammang

Dhammang saksit prakchow plaengrit pit duai prak Sangkang

Sangkang saksit prakchow plaengrit pit duai prak Puthang…repeat 3,5,7, 9 or more.


Please before we chant the Katha above, ensure that our body is clean eg. your hands. Center ourselves within first, clear mind of all thoughts and set mind at ease. Bring to mind our Buddhas, Luang Po or Guru of the respective amulets, Teachers and parent. Then recite.

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  1. The effectiveness of Amulets, depends on many factors.
    Following the ancient wisdom of the Krus the following Brahmins guideline shall applied;

    Knowledge on Factor of Dependencies of Saksit items
    Fundamentals Rule of thumb

    Prior permission before embark on creation of the amulet
    It is well to note that in ancient time amulet creation is considered a as scare and holy event, under took by the skillful and wise. Not for the purpose of commercial value but by the purity of the heart.

    Accumulation of holy powder/items for the creation
    As a norm these holy and highly regards items are pass down generation to generation within the same linage.
    These items comes from designated holy site under went ceremonies of “bringing it to life” through the incantation of 108 gathas.

    Astrology consultation for the auspicious occasion to start the formation of the body object.
    The formation/movement (astrology) of the stars is consult prior to picking the eventful day/time in such that the three world movements coincide to bring about the proper flow of blessing and energy from the holy ancient spirits or “Kru”

    Only when such events are considered and found to be right and worthy, the event will embarked. And through the whole of such event the ancient spirit of the “Krus” will preside and bear witness to it.

    Ceremony of completion
    Upon completion of the creation of these amulets in accordance to the rules of Brahmin, a Maha Puja normally last at least three days will enfold where offering to each and every Kru and Holy guardian spirits will be carried out to bear witness of the amulet and blessing to the user thereof.

    It is proper to note that the power of the amulets will not goes beyond the objective/cause of which it is created on the first place. For that which proceeds from the cause, the cause is the end, only that which is seek is found

    Knowing the backdrop of such ceremonies which brought about SakSit it is wise for the user to observe the following:

    User general guidelines
    The user must have the element of Sacca (Truthfulness: where not a single word of deceit done with whatsoever intention which resulted in misguides or misleads another from the truth)
    Without this aspect any gatha which proceed from the mouth will be void

    The respect of parent (The role of our parent is regard as Deva as giver of our bodily form, in that which we can see and hold if we love/respect not how would we come to respect that which our physical eyes could not see)
    For those who lve not and respect not their parents found no respect or love from any Kru/Deva

    Notwithstanding any other Brahmins guidelines, prior to chanting any incantation the person must took the ceremony bath where bath in ancient time means water flowing to cleanse the body from the tip of the hair on the head till the sole of the feet. As water is life giving the flowing of the water indicate a new turn/begining in our life.

    It is wise for anyone to conside these as not to be mislead chasing after that which is to be found within us as only flowers will attract the bees and bees are not attacted to dungs.