New additions to our Ven. LP Dam’s Collections!!!

This Mai Tao, is considered Ven. LP Dam’s first batch made in 2535-2536. He made it for his luksits that have supported Ven. LP and Wat Mai Naparam those days. They are the Ah Kuang group as we knew them. They are considered Ven.’s first lay disciples. They are businessmen ( one of them a goldsmith ) but now most of them have moved to Bangkok and run their businesses there. But when Ven. LP passed away last year, these group came back and paid their last respect. Ven. LP only made 7 pieces only. It was from this Mai Tao that propelled Mai Tao’s popularity till now. There is much yants and takruts inside as this piece weighs more than His average Mai Taos. A collection not to be missed!!!

This is another piece we secured recently. Immaculate condition!

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