Phra Sivali Roon Plod Nee Thavisap 2552 Wat ThamTapianThong

This roon is called Roon Plod Nee ( clear of debts ) Thavisap ( accumulating wealth ). This batch was puthaphisek together with Phra Sivali CharoenLap and Phra Channakman by Ven. LP Thong Dam Wat ThamTapianThong.

The body is made of earth from seven wealthy family’s padi-fields. Inside the bucha have been fiiled with auspicious items and sealed with Phra Channakman amulet at the bottom. The photo illustrates some of the holy powders used to make Phra Sivali Charoenlap, Bucha Roon Plod Nee Thavisap and Phra Channakman. It belongs to Khun Vilad Jatbhuti whom have kept them for more than 30 over years. He have offered such auspicious and holy items to Ven. LP ThongDam for this meritorous occasion. It has holy powder from Wat Samploem, Wat Rakang, Pong Reusi Lopburi among others.

This bucha is suitable for individuals whom are striving to clear their mortgages or other financial commitments and looking forward to start accumulating wealth.

SaengThai Malaysia’s batch of Phra Sivali CharoenLap, Phra Channakman and Bucha Phra Sivali is different from Thailand because it has been phisek by more than one Teacher, Ven. LP ThongDam Wat ThamTapianThong. Also by:

  1. Ven. LP SanieChan Wat Huay Chod on Wan Songkran ( 3days & 3 nights chanting ) – In Khon Kaen, North-Eastern Thailand near Laos
  2. Ven. LP Solood Wat Kuk Uthong – In Prachinburi, Eastern Thailand near Cambodia
  3. Ven. LP Dam Wat Santhittham – In Sak Kaew, bordering Cambodia
  4. Ven. LP Somyod Wat Saithongprakthang – In Khancanaburi, bordering Myanmar
  5. Ven. LP SomPhong Wat Mai Plin Kaew – In Nakhon Prathom, Central Thailand

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