Phra Mahesuan Wat Mahathat Supanburi 2545

You are now looking at one of the grandest and biggest puthaphisek ceremony in Supanburi, Thailand. This ceremony was held in Wat Mahathat Supanburi. Nine hundred and ninety nine (999) monks were invited to participate in this puthaphisek. This occasion dated back to year 2545 where the first ever Phra Mahesuan was consrecated in such a big scale. This ancient chedi in Wat Mahathat was also the place where Phra Suan ( Inverted Buddha), then referred to, was first discovered .

The reason why we are featuring this amulet is because there has been much enquiries about Phra Mahesuan. A genuine piece is very rare, it should value between THB30,000 to THB150,000 depending on condition. But now there are many copies in the market and lack of proper references to educate collectors. Therefore we hardly carry such line.

For those who are really keen to collect a good Phra Mahesuan, we strongly advise to consider looking out for this phim.

A little background on this amulet; before it is referred as Phra Suan, suan means inverted. It was later called as Phra Mahesuan, named after a chief bandit, Mahesuan. This chief bandit, Mahesuan was high on Thai police wanted list at that time. He was wearing only one amulet, Phra Suan. He is still living at present. We guess you would have known how this amulet got its popularity by now.

Phra Mahesuan has been known to give its bearer protection on impenetratability (kungkaphan), avoiding misfortunes including bodily and harm (klaewkard) and luck (mahalap). Due to the nature of this amulet, an inverted Buddha at the back, it is believed that it will help its bearer to invert to his advantage. Example, if our luck is running down, it will invert it up again. If we are bound to clash or meet with out enemy, it will invert the possibilities of meeting. Therefore both won’t meet.

This batch Phra Mahesuan 2545 was puthaphisek in Wat Mahathat, Supanburi and also at Wat Rakang subsequently. We more particularly favor the phim ‘ching ngern’. It is silverish in look, a combination of metals and old Phra Mahesuan amulets that was discovered in the Chedi. Therefore it has a good combination of both new and old Phra Mahesuan. A great combination of the authenticity and originality of Phra Mahesuan and the power of such grand puthahisek.

You don’t only receive the blessings of Phra Mahesuan but also the transference of merits, blessings and energy of the 999 Ven. LP(s) or Teachers. Here are some of them:-