Phra Somdej “Wat Rakang” Rediscovered!!!



This Sleeping Buddha in Wat Khun In, Ang Thong, is the biggest during Somdej Toh’s time. And it is near Wat Kechaiyo too, in the district of Ang Thong.

Two years ago, when this area was flooded something amazing was discovered! Amulets that resemblance Somdej Toh Wat Rakang’s Phra Somdej!!! Many phims was discovered.





If the wall enclosing the base of this Sleeping Buddha had not fallen, we believe all this amulets would still have remain hidden! This site has been renovated and refurbished since. Now most of our readers’ mind would be questioning the authenticity of our claims. It’s all right, because that was our initial response too. We will share with you our information and let you be the judge yourselves.




This is where they have found the amulets! Hidden inside the Chedis underneath the Buddha. Many phims were found but at these moment, collectors’ are cashing on the phim niyom ( popular ) shown above.




When we first got news a year ago, honestly we didn’t pay much attention to the claims either…not until when we heard from Prof. Rangsanthosuwann, an architect by profession but a widely sought after personnel when it comes to identifying Phra Somdej Wat Rakang. He himself is a serious collector of Phra Somdej Wat Rakang. His findings and knowledge are fantastic because of his background and experience of an architect. He is skillful is the study from the makings of Phra Somdej Wat Rakang, the texture, the ingredients, phims to moulds marking and indentification.

In 1995, Precious magazine, a classy high-end amulet publishing interviewed him and Prof. Rangsan shared his knowledge and findings on Phra Somdej Wat Rakang. That special featured column that ran a few series on Prof. Rangsan was quickly sold and hardly available even when it was an expensive publishing. In Thailand, Prof. Rangsan’s has great credibility and reputation in his specialization in Phra Somdej.






Well, recently Prof Rangsan was in the limelight again with regards to the issue on those Phra Somdej amulets discovered from Wat Khun In, Ang Thong. Here we show you the article which Prof. was commenting of this batch:

In this articles, the most important comment Prof. Rangsan made; ” Let’s not talk about this is Somdej Prabuddhacan Toh’s Somdej Wat Rakang. Let’s focus on this amulet at hand. From the texture, body, aging signs, mould markings, designs, size and slimness, it matches that of Somdej Toh’s makings. “ Prof. Rangsan also share with us his own Phra Somdej(s) Wat Rakang and help identity with this new found ones.

Our rationale is if Prof. Rangsan can put his credibilty and reputation in line. Plus with our own analysis of Phra Somdej, we are confident of his findings and we too have invested in this batch. 

Here are more photos on a ceremony of this Phra Somdej at Wat Khun In:







In Thailand now, amulet enthusiasts are rushing to collect this Phra Somdej Wat Khun In Phim Yai Niyom! 

The below photo shows the value it has increased to!

Here, it shows the most expensive phim is at 14,000THB!!!

We have shared enough at this point in time. If you are still not compelled to give us a call to start collecting now, you will go through what we have gone through. Many years ago, it happenned the same, Somdej Wat Rakang was discovered in Wat Ketchaiyo. When the news reached us, we didn’t believe it. It was too good to be true. We could have easlily collected many because the value then was very low. We only live to regret now because one good piece now easily fetch a minimum value of 600,000THB. So if we have written this post enthusiastic and interesting enough, please understand…we hope as a collector you don’t make the same mistake we make.

Before we go into the phims we collect direct from Phrakru of Wat Khun In recently. The phims we have are not washed yet, therefore it still have layers of sand and foreign particles. We want our members to see it for themselves how the originals look alike when you dug out from the Chedis. The photos you have seen earlier are professionally washed to restore its original look.

There are seven, 7 phims we collected from Phrakru of Wat Khun In himself;


Above is Phim Yai Niyom.


Above is Phim Prokbo.


Above is Phim Ok Krut Sian Bart.


Above is Phim Yai Prak Than Thor.


Above is Phim Kanaen Lek.


Above is Phim Jumbo.



Above is Phim Yai Phrak Than Trong

Unfortunately now in Bangkok, this Phra Somdej look-alike is already making its way into the market. But we hope to get a piece and show it to our readers to cautioned them soon.

According to records, Somdej Prabuddhacan Toh made 74 phims altogether but we collect only 3 phims. So far Somdej Toh’s amulets was found in Wat Rakang, Wat Bangkhunphrom, Wat Ketchaiyo and Wat Nakorn Tam. However Wat Nakorn Tam Somdej Toh’s amulets are not commonly seen therefore less accepted. But now, it seems that Phra Somdej discovered in Wat Khun In is accepted, are you gonna miss this opportunity or hav you decided to keep some.

In short what we are saying is we don’t know too, if Somdej Toh really put them there. But since the biggest Sleeping Buddha in Wat Khun In is near Wat Ketchaiyo, it is really not impossible altogether that Somdej Toh did so. Why not just keep them! If it turns to be a real hot and high value collection, you got lucky. If it does not, well, I am sure this is not going to be the only expensive amulet you will ever collect!


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