Phra Somdej Phim Yai Niyom

We received many enquiries about the authenticity of this Phra Somdej. Like we said, we understand but we really don’t want to oversell its claim of authenticity because we are not selling them to you but we are encouraging keen collectors to not miss this opportunity to keep a good piece of “Phra Somdej Wat Rakang”. A real piece may be out of reach by most people but we assure you this is good enough.

But we decide to break one piece to show you the ‘ner’/body texture. It’s one good way to differentiate a fake from real because most fakes are made out of plaster hardener.

If from here you still can’t differentiate and tell the difference between a fake and a good Phra Somdej then very likely you lacked experience and knowledge in areas concerning Phra Somdej, especially of Wat Rakang. We would like to believe that in SaengThai we are very serious about this hobby of good amulets collection, therefore we aren’t selfish to share information but at the end of the day, you are still the best judge.

Anyway, we finished our Phim Yai Niyom already. We will share the photos of washed ones for you to view soon.

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