About Kathina Ceremony


Kathina is a festival month between the day after the full moon in October lasting through the full moon of November. Kathina occurs at the end of the Vassa, the three-month rains retreat also called “Phansa” in Thai. At traditional Theravadin monasteries, monks have observed the Vassa as a period of intensive training in both meditation and study of the Dhamma-Vinaya, the sermons of Lord Buddha and the body of Buddhist literature pertaining to training and discipline. The time of Kathina is when lay-followers can make special offerings of robe-cloth and other requisites, to see that the basic needs of the monks are met.

I came across some video clips on Kathina Offerrings that is very educational and lively. And I want to share them with you;

1. The Meaning & Origins of Kathina Offerrings Part1.

2. The Meaning & Origins of Kathina Offerrings Part 2.

There were many readers and collectors whom have asked, ” How does one make their amulets more potent?” . The answer for better and more prosper life doesn’t lie in amulets alone. We simply borrow its positive energy, aspirations and merits of Buddhakoon, Dhammakoon and Sanghakoon. But if we ourselves do not have sufficient or lack merits, amulets alone will not make wonders…not even Phra Somdej Wat Rakang!!!

If we don’t constantly earn our merits now, we will soon deplete the merits earned this lifetime or previous lifetimes. Therefore take opportunity in this coming Kathina Ceremony at the temple you visit or near your regular routes. Make it your annual affair.

It is a good thing that in recent years many people have been participating in Kathina Ceremonies all over. But at least half of them are participating in the wrong places! One will not receive merits when participating Kathina at the wrong places.

Remember: Two very important criterias must fulfill; 1) The temple must have a bot that have all the 9 simas (that designates a holy place.) 2) There must be at least 5 monks that spent the entire phansa there.

(Left) A photo of sima.

That rules out, self converted residence into temple or commercial shoplots even some temples too! At least they cannot call it Kathina but they can call it ‘Papa’ or dana function.

The following are more video clips on the Fruition of Merits;

1. Story of Tinnaban.

2. Others.