Venerable Luang Poh Thong Poon, Wat Ban Pen, Ayuddhaya

Luang Poh present age 77 years old at year 2551. He is the present 7th Chief Monk of Wat Ban Pen, Ayuddhaya. Venerable LP Thong Poon is also Amphur Sena Ayuddhaya, a Buddhist’s Monk District Officer of Sena, Ayuddhaya, Ven. LP supervise 37 Wat or temples in the district of Sena, Ayuddhaya.

Luang Poh’s Buddhist name is Phrakkru Suwannsilanukoon but popularly known as LP Thong Poon. He enters novicehood at age of 17 and subsequently at the age of 20 enters monkhood. He has been practising since then till present. He has learned under many great Teachers like Luang Poh Sawat, Luang Poh Mi of Wat ManVichai and Luang Poh Vik Boon Wat Kratongthong. He learn the art of making holy water from Luang Poh Pring. Luang Poh Thong Poon received the knowledge and katha to make the ever famous Takrut Dok Mai Thong (Golden Lotus) from Luang Poh Sanan of Wat Saotongthong.

Though Luang Poh Thong Poon has admitted himself that he is skillful and famous for making Takrut Dok Mai Thong only, yet many of his lay diciples have requested Venerable LP Thong Poon to make other amulets. Now Venerable LP’s schedule is very tight because he is always invited to attend ‘pok sek’ or blessing amulet ceremonies both grand or small occasions.

Takrut Dok Mai Thong or also known as Takrut Metta Khunang is endowed 5 great ability other than protection; Maha Sanae (ability to attract opposite sex), Maha Metta (ability of great loving kindness), Maha Niyom (ability of great popularity influence), Klaew Kard (ability to avoid dangers or misfortunes) and Ka Khai (ability to enhance business and selling).

View Takrut Dok Mai Thong

Ven. LP Thong Poon was in Maluri from 24th till 27th December 2006. We were very happy to finally meet Ven. LP after 3 years of invitation. That December was one of our best Decembers in our lives, Mr. Chia Lee Soon, one of our members and also donations treasurer for Ven. LP during his presence at our centre. His car number plate came 3rd prize in Magnum after Ven. LP left for Thailand. As for me and most of our members, the rest of next year was a productive year.

In the three days, we were able to raise RM25,000 for Ven. LP for his temple funds. All donations go to Ven. LP, lodging, food and air tickets were all borne by our members. That is why you all can have our assurance, the takruts and amulets are all from Ven. LP’s hand.


Ven. LP with some of our members.

Ven. LP ‘charging up’ our buchas and the amulets, takruts he brought from temple. He’s also preparing holy water for our members’ blessing.

Ven. LP in action!

 Ven. LP ‘choen’ (write katha) on our centre’s door before he left for airport.