Kathina Samakkhi at Wat ThapChang, Prachan Takham, Prachinburi.

For many years we have been participating and heading the Kathina Ceremony in Wat Mai Naparam and last year we participated in Wat Pothiviharn, Kelantan. This year we would like to contribute to Wat ThapChang, Prachan Takham, Prachinburi. It will be held on the 1st of November 2009.

Your sincere donations will go to the building of meditation rooms for Mae Chee(s) in this temple. See photos below:

For those whom are keen to offer to join this Kathina Samakkhi, you are most welcome to forward us your kind donations or if you would like to donate an entire meditation room, it will be at RM1,100. You may have your name(s) indicated if you want.

We would like to start the ball rolling by being the first to donate for this meritorous occassion. We will publish the donors’ names as we go along:

  1. SaengThai Malaysia——————————————————–RM3,000
  2. Mr. Lee Kok Wah & Family————————————————-RM1,200
  3. Mr. Danny Tan Boon Seong -Teluk Intan (via saengthai.org)————– RM   100
  4. Mr. Ho Kwang Kong & Family-TianJin,China (via saengthai.org)———— RM1,100
  5. Mr. Lim Chee Ming & Family————————————————RM   100
  6. Mr. Lim Low Ming & Family————————————————-RM   100
  7. Mr. Lim Chun Ming & Family———————————————– RM   100
  8. Ms. May——————————————————————  RM   100
  9. Mr. Loh Chin Fat & Family  ———————————————— RM   100
  10. Mr. Yap Wee Ming & Family———————————————— RM1,100
  11. Mr. Robby Chandra & Family-Indonesia (via saengthai.org)—————–RM1,100
  12. Mr. Yeo Kok Loong & Family———————————————– RM1,100
  13. Mr. Yeo Kok Loong———————————————————RM  100
  14. Mr. Yeo Yeong————————————————————–RM 100
  15. Ms. Yeo Ling—————————————————————–RM100
  16. Ms. Yeo Huey—————————————————————-RM100
  17. Mdm. Lo Chou Yen——————————————————— -RM100
  18. Mr. Garry Lui—————————————————————–RM110
  19. Mr. Denzel Cheong Yuen Jun————————————————-RM100
  20. Ms. Natalie Cheong Ying Zhi————————————————–RM100
  21. Mr. Zac Lee-Australia ( via saengthai.org )———————————RM1,100
  22. Mr. Stephen Foo Chek Meng & Mr. Khoo Chee Wah————————RM1,100
  23. Mr. William Leong Mun Seng (via saengthai.org)—————————RM1,100
  24. Mdm. Ong Yet Yuan——————————————————-RM1,100
  25. Mr. Wong Wah Peng——————————————————–RM500
  26. Mr. Koh Fook Meng—————————————————– –RM1,100
  27. Mr. Tan Kau Wei & Family—————————————————RM100
  28. Mr. Wai Hon Kheong & Family———————————————–RM100
  29. Mr. Lock Hock Hin & Family-Kelantan (via saengthai.org) ——————–RM100
  30. Mr. Bok Khee Sir & Family————————————————– RM100
  31. Mr. Chu Fook Yuen & Family————————————————RM1,100
  32. Mr. Lee Wai Kin————————————————————-RM100
  33. Mr. Phang Tet Loong——————————————————–RM100
  34. Mr. Cheong Wei Lake——————————————————–RM50
  35. Ms. Tan Kwee Ping———————————————————–RM200
  36. Ms. Tan Kwee Fun———————————————————–RM200
  37. Mdm. Liew Po Chin———————————————————–RM200
  38. Mr. Raymond Chew & Family————————————————-RM200
  39. Mr. Chea Way Lim & Family—————————————————RM100
  40. Mr. Cheok Koon Hoe & Family————————————————-RM200
  41. Mr. Liey Yun Onn & Family—————————————————-RM100
  42. Mr. Lee Tang Loy & Family—————————————————-RM100
  43. Mr. Lee Keng Soon———————————————————–RM100
  44. Mdm. Won Gun Thai———————————————————-RM100
  45. Mae Hong Phrai—————————————————————RM100
  46. Mdm. Man Hin Yong———————————————————RM1,100
  47. The late Mr. Foo Chee Fong————————————————-RM1,100
  48. Mr. Lai Siew Pun & Family—————————————————–RM100
  49. Mdm. Lim Meng Kooi & Family———————————————— RM100
  50. Thor Siok Cheng————————————————————– RM20
  51. Mr. Allan Foo & Family——————————————————- RM200
  52. Mr. William Chew Kok Keong & Family—————————————-RM500
  53. Mr. Justin Si Kam Hoong & Family——————————————–RM300
  54. Ng Lai Ying——————————————————————RM100
  55. Sam Zhuo Nern————————————————————–RM100
  56. Liew Full On——————————————————————RM100
  57. How Kim Lee—————————————————————–RM100
  58. Hui Kok Mun—————————————————————–RM100
  59. Soo Chee Hong————————————————————–RM100
  60. Mr. Koh Mui Kwang———————————————————-RM200
  61. Madam Tan Fong Ngor——————————————————-RM1,100
  62. DELCO United Marketing (M) Sdn. Bhd.————————————–RM1,100

SaengThai, Mr. Ng Chee Keong and Mr. Lee Kok Wah are sponsoring RM3,000 for food and beverages, for Sanghas and laities for the entire Kathina Day.