Why meditation room?

Let me share with you our experiences of over the past decades. We in SaengThai usually encourages our members to offer dana on building necessities or daily necessities for temples eg.;

Toilets – because you offer people an important avenue to relief their sufferrings. Have you ever experience a sudden great urge to urinate or —*^*— ? And you don’t seem to find any toilets!!!! The kind of sufferrings you have endure and I bet even if there’s money on the floor, you won’t bother to pick up.

Lights (electricals or candles) – when you offer people light, you will receive light in your own hours of darkness.

Brooms – to sweep away unwanted or dirty things. You will soon realise unwanted things or people around you too will leave you in peace.

Meditation rooms – meditation is an important Buddha’s teachings in purifying and training our minds wholesomely. Can you imagine the difference meditation outdoor as compare to a neat room indoor? Which helps better to prolong your sitting? And I am not sure how many of you are meditators out there who practises under proper guidance. But we usually recite verses of Anumodhanaviddhi and transference merits after we come out of our meditation. Because you provide security and peace of mind to meditators, you will be blessed with security and peace of mind too!

And many others, just use your wisdom and you will know. When such dana mentioned above performed by you and it is being utilize daily. It can help to expiate your unwholesome Karma quickly and improve on your Karma immediately. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!