Takrut Dok Mai Thong (Golden Lotus)


Takrut Dok Mai Thong is endowed 5 great ability other than protection; Maha Sanae (ability to attract opposite sex), Maha Metta (ability of great loving kindness), Maha Niyom (ability of great popularity influence), Klaew Kard (ability to avoid dangers or misfortunes) and Ka Khai (ability to enhance business and selling).

This common piece of takrut (photo above) is hand written by Ven. LP himself. It is a combination 3 takruts; copper, silver and suasa (representing gold) strung altogether. It can be worn in the pockets as it is or loosen up (photo below) and tied around your waist.


This takrut (photo below) is a limited special edition made from 100% suasa, 100% silver and 100% gold. It was a special request made to Ven. LP for our members only.


This takrut is not only popular now or in recent but decades ago in Thailand. Still not many in Malaysia and Singapore have heard of it.  It’s effectiveness in Maha Sanae ia very evident. One great advantage about this takrut is it has only one forbidden rule; Do not curse or swear especially at elders or parent. Unlike many takruts or amulets, one cannot purposely go under hanging clothes line or under hand of others, one mustn’t be involved with wife of others to name a few.

In order to reap it’s effectiveness, one must chant it’s heart mantra 9 times.

Katha Takrut Dok Mai Thong

Nakmo tassa bhagawato arahato sammasambuddhadhassa (x3)

Metta Khunang Arahang Metta (x9)

If one have cursed and swear at someone or elders or parent, it will lose it’s effectiveness but chanting the heart mantra again will reactivate it’s power.

There are many other usage of this takrut but I will only reveal to those whom are keen to own a piece through us.