Amulets by Ven. LP Thong Poon of Wat Ban Pen, Ayuddhaya


Materials at back of amulet.

1. Ven. LP Thong Poon 1st Batch Rian Naprok

2. Ven. LP Thong Poon 1st Batch RoopLor

3. 2 units takrut ngern (silver)

4. 1 unit takrut thong (gold)

5. Sacred powder

6. Colored gems

7. Ven. LP Thong Poon hair

Amulet’s Potent Energy : Protection, Klaew klard, Maha metta and Maha lap. Rian Napork signifies protection from guardians when amulet bearer is in pursuit of a wholesome goal.



This Roon Lern Samanasak is made to commemorate Ven. LP Thong Poon being conferred the title by the King Bhumibol. It symbolize that the bearer of this Roon is also blessed with good advancement in life may it be career, business or personal achievement.


This Pim is ‘poksek’ (blessed) by three great Teachers namely, Ven. LP Thong Poon, Ven. LP Perm and Ven. LP Ruay. All three Teachers were famous for blessings of Maha metta and Maha lap. However this Pim has an additional blessing, Maha pohkasap (abundance of wealth) as indicated by the money bag featured at the back of this amulet. The combination of the three Teachers’ name also reflect abundance of wealth; Ruay = Money, Perm = Accumulative and Poon = Overflow. The front is actually an entire piece of silver.



This Pim is blessed Maha lap and Maha metta feature. 100% silver. The Yant Duang behind were made famous by Ven. LP Toh, Wat Praddochimdee. It spells Suk ki ti ma, Suk pak cha ro, Suk si la wa, Suk tak ga to, Yak sak si ma, Wa jae tak ro, Gae sa ro wa and A sam pi to. Ven. LP Toh blessed all his amulets with this yant and katha. As we all know Ven. LP Toh’s Phra Pidta Yant Duang is very sought after and pricey.  


This is another Pim that commemorate Ven. LP Thong Poon’s title. 100% silver.


Pim Phra Pom 2551, its Putthaphisek and Thevaphisek ceremonies were conducted on Wesak/Visakha Day 2551. Ven. LP Thong Poon and many other Ven. LP were invited to initiate the blessing ceremonies. This piece is navak base and Phra Phrom is actual silver. Every piece comes with coded number and handwritten yant. This is Pim Phra Phrom Aekalak Archan Heng. This Pim follows exactly Archan Heng’s, Ayuddhaya, Pim Phra Phrom. Archan Heng’s Pim Phra Phrom is very much sought after and hard to find, now it values easily RM10,000 the very least. Therefore Ven. LP Thong Poon would like to commemorate one of Ayuddhaya’s great colllections. 


This Pim is alloy.

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